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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
kael why would i try to get you to do what i want, seriously. its your life and im just giving my advice. do what ever you want.
Again, your advice was unwanted and never asked for. I had already made up my mind to switch majors long before you even asked what I was currently studying.

never said i didnt believe asexuality existed, i said i never heard of an asexual person before or met one.
You said, and I quote, "do asexual people even exist?"

yea too bad you did far worse then everyone else in the matching game which actually tested pattern recognition
Shame the "pattern recognition" was biased against people who have issues seeing colors, like me. Seriously, I've pointed out numerous times I have issues with the color red. Try again at belittling me.

was similiar to a section in iq tests.
Similar, not the same. Not to mention the "pattern recognition" section isn't even close to influential on an I.Q. test. It's more about math/language comprehension.

the point is the people studying space travel and improving it arent psych majors who switched to physics at 25.
You keep falling back to this. You have no clue what people did before studying Astrophysics. Every single Physicist that is published or ever appeared in a documentary has been either in their late 30s to somewhere in their 60s.

no you are not gifted enough to work for nasa and improve space travel
You don't know me beyond these boards, so you have no evidence to back that up. Anyone that knows me personally can attest to my intelligence. In high school I was always bored with the subjects so I would slack off and get in trouble. It was sad when I knew more about the different subjects than the teachers.

So, I'll counter this statement with one of my own... "Fuck you"
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