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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Everyone and their dog has a high school diploma these days too. You should still get one of those anyway. For the same exact reason having a college degree is better than no degree: That being that if everyone has one, except you, then you're bottom of the barrel.

Especially if you spent the last couple years in school, with only a single semester left. I'd personally finish that semester off, have something to show for it, and then do whatever I want to do while having the ability to get a non-shitty job (Read: I'm not talking about some part-time retail position. I'm referring to a real, actual job that usually requires something other than a high school diploma. Pays well, offers benefits, etc.).

That's just me. That's not stupid or wrong in any way what-so-ever. I don't know Kael's personal arrangements. I don't know how he pays for school, rent, bills, etc. I pay all that shit myself. I would need a real job to afford living and going to school at the same time. A part-time and/or low pay job wouldn't cut it for me. I'd want to make it as easy as I possibly can to find a decent job. Applying for that shit with little working experience and being a full-time student without anything to show for it wouldn't help me any. Having a degree might. I'd get a degree. Again, that's just me. Feel free to point out the error in my logic here, or how that's fucking stupid like what was originally being suggested when someone else brought up the same point. Granted, animufag is being a total retard. But at least that small part of what he said wasn't idiotic. Or, maybe it was and I'm just too stupid to see it. I dunno.

Agreed. Except, that doesn't always work out so well in practice. Like, I really enjoy wrestling. I can't make a living off of it though. Only people that do are high level college coaches and elite level wrestlers who do clinics and shit. As much as I enjoy it, I don't have the credentials or the skill to do either of those things. There are no wrestling dojos or anything. Best I can hope for is being a high school coach somewhere, which nets you about 3-10 thousand a year depending on the size of the school. I could probably live off that if I go hardcore bum style. If I ever want to have kids I can't let them live like that. I'd be a douche if I did. You need money. That's just how shit works.

I'd rather just get an easy, well-paying job that I totally won't take very seriously at all because it totally isn't necessary to define yourself by your job. Put my hours in. And then have the money to do what I enjoy after work. That way I won't have to worry about having to afford little Miburo jr.'s braces or testosterone reduction surgery or whatever. I can take care of my manly responsibilities, have my own goddamn wrestling room or some shit out back, and all that shit. That seems like a much better idea compared to trying to make a living wrestling or playing videogames or some shit, while struggling to pay the bills and provide a good living environment for my family.

Now, again, that's just me. If someone really loves cooking shit then that dude can be a chef and make money doing what he enjoys. But that shit doesn't work for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I dislike how shit is too. And people who only care about how much money they have, like that's the end-all measurement of success or some shit, are hardcore pathetic fags in my manly eye. If that's what you're getting at, then I couldn't agree more. But that money shit is pretty important. 'Enough to pay the bills' is relative. You could have your family living in some crime infested shithole (Read: Neighborhood full of negros) and have enough to pay the bills. Or you could live in a nice, relatively safe neighborhood and have enough to pay the bills. The bills could include ballet or violin lessons for you adorable little daughter. Etc.
I don't feel an in-depth response is really necessary (since we agree on much of it), so I'll just name the major points:

High school diplomas are actually required by many jobs, where as anything more can actually make you appear over-qualified. People are hesitant to hire anyone over-qualified for a position, because they realize as soon as a better job becomes available to them they will bail.

On top of that, a bachelor's degree in psychology will not get you a "real" job. You need much more than that to do anything in the field. Certainly something like a mathematics or engineering degree would enable you to get such a job, but not a psychology degree.

I agree that doing what you love isn't always going to be economically viable, especially if you intend to raise a family. I also agree that your job need not define you. I should amend my statement from "enough to pay the bills" to "enough to live comfortably." Comfort-ability is about as relative as paying the bills, but I think it is a little easier to imagine what exactly I mean.
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