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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by manta View Post
I messed up sending $8,000 I can only send $5,000 each time so somebody from work took $1,000 from there(I had them in $1,000 packs). The thing is I didn't even get training in that area (Money Gram) so everything I learned was from just watching the girls working there doing that. I didn't even know they had to fill a form(and some from that area neither). I don't even have a safe for those big transactions so when I left the post I fucked up... I'm $1,000 down from, they said that I could keep my job if I paid that. I said to them fuck that I ain't paying something I didn't steal I prefer to be broke than being $1,000 broke. So that's it.

I've wanted to leave but I won't quit my job so I just kept doing shit around till they fire me so I can have the unemployment money. But I did not wanted to be fired by doing something that stupid.
you were a teller manta? how exactly did you get down 1000$ im confused about that part. they usually have some type of internal investigation about something of thats substantial amount being missing. you might still get fired after.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I carried out groceries for all kinds of people for 4 and a half years before I could move up to a cashier, ".
im confused did you actually carry bags out for 4 and a half years before getting promoted to cashier
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