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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post does it not make sense? Kishi said Kurenai excels in genjutsu, which everyone already knew. He then compared her skills to Itachi's, who was one of the top genjutsu users in the village, and said their skills were equal. What part of that doesn't make sense to you?

This shit isn't rocket science. Kishi said their skills were equal so they're equal.
"She excels in genjutsu, catching Itachi in it, a game between their equal genjutsu skills developed."

this is what the actual context was you claim. i have explained like 10x times already. in the manga he sees right through her genjutsu and reverses it like its childs play. this is indication of him being on a higher level not to mention he has more powerful genjutsu abilities as well.

you claim that catching itachi in it refers to when she had itachi in the genjutsu in the manga, i disagree becuase the next part about a game between there equal genjutsu skills developing from that doesnt make any sense since he saw through her genjutsu, reversed it and had her defeated in seconds. if she caught itachi in it means while he was still in the village she caught up to itachis level and a game between their equal skills developed that would make more sense
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