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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Then also take into the equation the time, we're talking about Neji during the Chuunin Exams, so thats even before his 'epic' battle with Kidomaru. His abilites in my honest belief weren't good enough to take down a Jounin, to the death???? Uh - uhn, nope.
well your honest belief in most cases is extremely delusional, you are seriously clueless is most arguements specially if sasuke is brought up.
i already showed you that genin lee would take down kurenai with out her genjutsu ability and im pretty sure everyone would agree. this was shown so that you would stop wiht this genin abilities arent good enough to win against a jounin because neji would counter her genjutsu most likely with whats been shown in the manga so it would be the same scenario of her with out genjutsu. on top of that lee at that time was saving the gates to fight neji so he could possiblly beat him. thats how strong he is. hes not just a genin, hes the hyuugas genius. whats the difference what rank, you think a genin naruto cant beat a jounin becuase hes a genin? thats all you say is hes a genin so he cant win, you dont have any good arguements at all, its not even worth responding.

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