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Re: 48÷2(9+3) = ??

Seriously - are we still discussing after we all agreed it was a vague and poorly arranged math equation that intentionally leads to disagreement?

Also, you completely misinterpreted my definition of "÷", half because you didn't read the word "denominator" and half because when I wrote out my answer, I didn't put in the proper brackets to be completely clear - which is the whole problem.

When I say it separates out the left side into numerator and right side as denominator, I mean 48 is the numerator and 2(9+3) is the denominator or:


Or to be completely clear:


Clear? I'm not wrong because it is how I interpret the question based on what I was taught - in like grade 4!. (I think it was also commonly taught in Canada that when given such equations, you would often progress from left to right on even order of operations, such as division and multiplying.) Quit not understanding whether intentional or not.
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