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Re: 48÷2(9+3) = ??

I am still not convinced that Rebbecca Black's 'Friday' is for real. I think it might be some sort of lame prank. I am watching that video right now and every 10 seconds 14+ people dislike the song. Can't blame them. The lyrics are utterly stupid and the 'rapper' doesn't make sense. Her voice is horrible in this song but it's extremely better in her other songs. This is why I believe this song is fake.

Also, lol at the comments:
''She sounds like someone is slattering a bag full of kittens with a rusty hatchet.... ((BTW YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SEAT TO CHOOSE FROM! ))''

'The lyrics said "Gotta catch my bus" but in the end, she followed her friends'

But this one takes the cake -
'Thank god she didn't take the bus.. It would have taken her a hell of a long time to decide which seat she can take.' =D

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