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Re: 48÷2(9+3) = ??

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
@ kael: I don't know if Psychology has lab classes, but you better enjoy those new Physics and Chemistry lab classes. Pro tip: always come prepared with good cheats for the reports, it'll save you a lot of trouble.

But so little lab classes? I had a ton of them: the chemistry side has Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Food and Nutrition Chemistry, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Bioniorganic Chemistry & Quimiobiophysics; the biology side has Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Histology, Animal Physiology & Biophysics, Microbiology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology.

Good thing I like labs, or else I'd go nuts.
Only 2 of my classes in Psychology have a lab. Concepts of Behavior Analysis has a rat lab involving the Skinner box and I consider my Practicum a lab because I'll be working with an autistic child 5 days a week for 2 hours a day.

But for physics, I counted 5 labs, one of which is titled "Advanced Lab". The other classes seem to be just theory and equations. I don't know if they have a lab, or are a lab in and of themselves. And those classes I listed are just for a Bachelor's. I have no clue what I'm looking at for Graduate School lab work other than a lot.

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
But, I don't have to take it since I'm going(hopefully) into Computer Science.
You have to take a shitload of math classes for that. At my school you need Calc 1 and 2, Discrete Structures, Elementary Linear Algebra, and Statistical Methods for a Bachelors in General Computer Sciences.

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