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Re: 48÷2(9+3) = ??

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
A six based solely on attractiveness? On a 1-10 scale? That's crazy. Because a 1 would have to be some sort of retarded wolf-man hairy, disgusting jabba hobbit hybrid creature. While a 10 would be some sort of goddess of all things hawt. She's definitely vastly more attractive than a werejobbitard, and much closer to goddess level. So being about average makes no logical sense either.

I know this shit is mostly just personal preference. But come on, she's much, much hawter than your average chick. Unless you're 1-10 scale is based on very odd preferences. Which, if so, should be stated to avoid any sort of confusion. Like, if we were rating food and you had weird tastes you should say "I'd give bacon a 5. It's nothing special. It should be noted, however, that I enjoy the taste of my own feces straight from my ass." 1-10 scale shouldn't be purely personal preference is what I'm saying here.
I don't like... what would they call it? Concave facial structures? Shape of your face is something I'd factor into what I'd consider attractive. o.o

Besides, how else would we measure something that is preference without us all grouping up together and creating a consensus on what each level would have to be? That'd take way too long =[ I think you're just not as picky as some of us <_<
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