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American Top Gear -_-

so yesterday i watched my first episode of American Top Gear

They were test driving Aston Martin's, one with a V8 and one with a V12
and the guy was talking about "You can only get this car up to 1 something-or-other-miles per hour, but the speedometer goes up to 2 some-odd miles per hour"
so besides the fact that he's to stupid to understand limiting an engine, he then had the audacity to say "Is that a British thing? Lying?"

I was so fucking angry.

IF he'd sounded like he was joking, that would have been fine, but he used the same serious tone for everything.

His descriptions for the two cars while driving them sounded like how I used to describe cars, when i was 6, using simple, and honestly, not very descriptive words.

It is an abomination.

ON a positive note, they do well with muscle cars, they focus on (and say the word) power a lot, and they make the show appealing to muscle car enthusiasts (I think), other than the fact that all of the three hosts are as charismatic as dead fish.

Oh, and lastly, although i can't really fault him for this, their "silent test driver," their Stig is fat and he slouches

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