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Re: Naruto536 predictions/spoilers

Several Alliance Ninja are gathered in a circular formation. there is one in the middle. He is sitting on the ground as if concentrating.

Middle Ninja, “Got it, we are ready. We will do our best!”

Ninja 1, “so it is time for us to engage him?”

M. Ninja, “yes, be alert. This is Narutio Uzimaki after all.”

Ninja 2, “Yes, It is the savior of our village a member of the Hidden Leaf village, a ninja destined to be Hokage. Why not let him pass?”

Ninja 3, “we have our orders, i don’t like as either but he can’t be allowed to pass.”

ninja 4, “allowed? I don’t think Naruto will like those words.”

Naruto form above, “No, i don’t. Why are you hee to stop me? I am going to finish this War.”
he jumps down in front of them.

M. Ninja, “we have our orders, you cannot enter the battlefield. You would be handing yourself right to Madara.”

Ninja 3,”enough talking if we are going to do this then we do it now!”

They start forming hand signs.

A seal forms on the ground in between them and Naruto.
Naruto sees this but does not move.

Several more ninja emerge from the trees behind them all forming hand signs as they jump out.

Hidden Nin 1, “now!”

As they land a seal forms behind Naruto in a huge circle connecting with the other.

Middle Nin, “Naruto Uzimaki, we were trained by Minato kamekaze, 4th Hokage and Kushina Uzimaki. This combination barrier is connected by seals. The stronger the captor the more resilient the barrier.”

Hid. Nin, “it was designed to contain,You Naruto. well the nine tail fox. It was to be used in case the Jink at the time was in danger of releasing the Fox.”

Naruto, “Hmm, Mom and dad made this? No wonder it is so good. But i did make a promise to surpass them both.”

Ninja, 4{mom and dad? i knew he favored th e4th. but is he really his son?}

Hid. Nin, “don’t be foolish Naruto, you can’t escape no matte rhow much of the foxe you bring out. the barrier will force it back.”

Naruto, ‘i know. But the thin is my dad was the best, he thought of everything. But only when it came to the 9 tails.”

The ninja look at him with curiosity but on guard.

Naruto, “My ability is not just the 9 tails chakra.”
his eyes turn sage mode.

The ninja stay their ground.

M. Nin, “increase it , increase it now!”

Naruto forms hand signs then hits the ground, “Sage Arts: Barrier Seal Reversal!”
Suddenly the barrier separates and reveres to contain the two groups

Naruto, “when you said it was a barrier seal, i knew just where he got the idea from, My sage master taught me the most useful things in my short time of training. He said that technique was used when Master Sages train so not to destroy the area around them. Guess my dad used it a different way. But it still is countered the same.”

Naruto starts to leave when .

Mid Nin, “Be careful, Hokage Uzimaki”

Naruto smiles then jumps away.

in a dark room we see Zetsu talking to a standing Sasuke that is taking the bandages off.

Zetsu, “i think you should wait til Tobi gets back.”

Sasuke, “he is not my master he is yours, i am ready now.”

Zetsu, “i wouldnt do that. He told me to make sure you stay put.”

Sasuke is done unwrapping and the bandages fall to the floor. he turns his head slightly.
“are you saying you are going to stop me from leaving here?”

Zetsu, “Yes, I am”

suddenly spores are released just like at the summit.

Sasuke, “okay then.”

He is suddenly behind Zetsu.
“so you will be my training partner then.”

it is dark too dark to see his eyes, Zetsu turns around but jumps away at the same time.
Suddenly Zetsu grabs his head and falls to the ground.

he gets up and walks over to Sasuke.

Sasuke, “intersting.”

Zetsu forms hand signs then hits the ground. “summoning jutsu!”

Suddenli a huge mole emerges from the ground. Sasuke and Zetsu are on top of it.

Sasuke turns away from Zetsu and is looking ahead the direction the mole is facing. “time for more training. I see my brother is back. Take me to him.”

Zetsu,”Do as he says my friend to the battle field.

Sasuke,{this power is amazing, one instance of eye contact and he was under my control and everything he knows i know know. Now to put my EMS vs. my brother. after that, i come for you...}

We see Madara walking .


Next Issue: The family Reunion
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