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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
I remember playing counter strike at internet cafe.

And I hate it when people yell telling where am I.

And I remember one boy stitting next to me. Since I'm counter terrorist that time, he chose terrorist and look at my screen trying to find me and kill me. So I look at where he is, tilt me screen and kill him with shot gun.

And he call me a cheater.

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
Lol, I always play Counter Strike when I go to a net cafe. I am thinking about downloading it. Versions 1.0 and 1.6 are best IMO because they have 'fy_poolday' which is the most suitable environment for me to play in.

Also, yeah, people ask me which bathroom I am in all the time. I usually just tell them the red one when I am in the blue and vice-versa.

And to avoid someone from looking at my screen, I usually just sit solo. No one by my right, no one by my left.
My second job(the best job for a young geek I think) was at what we called a LAN arcade, simply because it was dedicated for gaming. It started off as a regular arcade, then a company enterlink bought it out, and installed 20 high end rigs in it. Was pretty sweet. Only cost like 15 bucks for unlimited play. They had a lot of games available that no one really played, But the big hits were starcraft, c&c, fallout tactics, quake 3, and pre-steam CS. Unreal tournament had just came out, so there was also quite a bit of CFT going on in that. Hosted a bunch of 500 dollar cash prize tourneys.

The manager cut a deal with a joint in the food court called sakura japan. In exchange for free game time, we got heaping helpings of their prized teriyaki chicken dish. The best part of the job was some coworkers and I, use to run overnighters. Ten bucks to get in, it ran from when the store closed to when it opened the next day. We would unlock machines like tekken tag, and MvC2, and hit the little tab that the tokens usualy press, that gives game credits, adding like thousand to each. It was awesome. All night we gamed, and gorged ourselves on japanese food. Even had a local clan, and we competed with other enterlink stores for collectively contributed pots of cash. Actually caught some heat for that last part.

Namco eventually bought the company and fucked it all up. Good times while it lasted.
Originally Posted by manta View Post
I'll just leave this here...
I would rock that military style cap in an instant.
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