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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Srry guys I'm back T-T FORGIVE ME yeah I don't have a computer anymore and I saved up to get an itouch anyway I read everything so I'm caught up here's my new characters

Name: Luna serena inori
Village: hidden star village
Apperance: long blonde hair with one purple bang a reddish purple bellyshirt with a black vest, black skirt with netted shorts her head band us used as a belt she has black leather knee boots and wears a black crescent moon collar and fake wolf ears
Skill: bad at genjutsu great at taijutsu terrific with ninjutsu she has a tough time handeling weapons but makes up for it with her cunnning ability to outmenuver her opponents she can conceal herself with ease she is great with wind techniques
Bloodline: since she lived In the star village her bloodline uses the luner changes. At the full moon she can turn into a wolf untill the new quarter moon with ten she can only use wolf senses
Background: she was born in the star village and her parents died when age was very young causing her to become a delinquent exiling her from the village because of her actions. She is the only one
left in her family that she knows if with the bloodline she travels with an intelligent wolf who has sworn to protect her she also travels as a performer for money (singer)

Name: koryo Kurasaki ( inori)
Village: rain
Apperance: usually takes the form of a white wolf with black paws ear tips and tail tip weres re same collar as Luna human form is basically the same as the wolf black hair white outfit with black cuffs no shows and the collar
Skill: great genjutsu and ninjutsu but bad taijutsu he is extremely fast and smart his basic element is fire but he uses water too
Bloodline: same as luna but more advanced
Background his mom was from the star village and she died while he was young sending him to live with his father who was a drunkard and beat koryo untill he ran away and joined Luna

UPDATE: I've emailed seal master and he has given me permission to use all of his characters since he is not coming back

IC: Iv watched as tsubasa walked away and sighed "might as well join them. Hey guys wait up!" iva ran up to join them. She silently thought to herself, ' I wonder when dioxus will show up for me'

A pretty you g girl walked near the entrance of the hidden leaf village. " well were hear at last koryo, this is it, what we've been searching for."
"yes Luna it is." koryo sat on his huanches andsared at the villages symbol with pride showing in his eyes

Devestation quietly followed wrath

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Okami Amaterasu

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