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Re: The Sony debacle.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
That's stupid. I guess if someone breaks into your house then you weren't adequately secured, right? Doesn't matter what precautions you took. If you entire house is encased in 20 feet of concrete and sealed with a 10 foot think solid metal safe-type door. The fact that someone got in means you didn't have adequate protection against theft. You're no different than a guy who leaves his front door wide open in that regard.
The difference between your analogy and what happened is Sony knew that their system was compromised with Anonymous' initial video saying they had access to the user database but wouldn't touch it. The analogy of the guy that left his front door open compared to the Chernobyl defense is weak. The analogy best suited for this is the guy leaving his front door open, was told he would get robbed if he did that, and continued to leave said door open and get robbed.

I'm no genius when it comes to this shit, but I don't interpret someone saying they are capable of attacking login servers as them saying they have the ability to steal personal information.
You must've missed the last bit where they said they had access to the entire PSN servers. They broke through the security protocols in place and warned Sony they did so.

Because know who else has access to PSN login servers? Me. I connect with them everytime I log on PSN.
There's a difference between using the server (logging onto PSN) and accessing the rest of the server's systems. Which is exactly what Anonymous was talking about and what happened. When you log onto the PSN server, you log into your specific user data, you don't have access to anything else but your own specific sector of data. Anonymous stated they had access to everything, and everything was taken. They bypassed the security previously in place and could access anything and everything, not a small area.

Where are you getting this shit?
It's called basic research. When AnonOps posts on Anonymous' website declaring they didn't condone this attack, it means AnonOps is responsible for Anonymous. What part of that aren't you getting? They even stated that it was possible some Anons were working independently, but AnonOps didn't plan the hack. AnonOps runs Anonymous. They're the ones that plan the attacks and sends out fliers and videos declaring the attacks. AnonOps is the core leadership of the entire Anonymous group.
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