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Re: The Sony debacle.

Wow...fucking bit-by-bit bullshit. Oh well, here goes.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Do you even understand what you just wrote? "We have access to but are refraining from attacking" flat out states they have access to the user database if they have access to the login servers. Here's why: the login servers house the user database. How else do you think they work? You've admitted on several occasions you don't understand a lot of computer stuff. I've been keeping it simple for you because I've been working with computers for almost 18 years. I build them for fun.
Yeah, I'm not amazing at computer shit. But I'm not retarded. I know 'building computers for fun' since you were seven (okay...) isn't the same as understanding how servers and shit work. I also know how to read, and kick a fair amount of ass when it comes to reading comprehension. No matter how you try and smear it, saying "We have access to the login servers" doesn't mean "We can steal all your shit." Especially in the context it was stated in.


AnonOps said they don't claim responsibility, but didn't rule out the possibility of several Anons working independently, as was written in the article I posted.
And AnonOps are the people who had "access to the PSN login servers." Not 'anons working independently.' That means they're not working together. So, again, your point about how sony didn't fix the shit after that statement is shit. You wouldn't know that. Maybe they did and the independent anons did something different. Since, you know, you don't know what the independent anons did because that wasn't their statement...but it's not just coincidence, according to you, etc., etc.

Wow, dude.

My guild leader/friend works for the company Sony hired down in Florida to help stop the DDoSing attacks. He ended up changing his name on Facebook (Kojo Smith aka Jotaro (wow character name) aka Shane Dunn) because Anonymous cracked his work's database and got some of his information. He's been disinclined to state the company he works for for fear of them targeting him and his kid.
DDoS attacks? I thought these weren't DDoS attacks. That's what you said. "what happened this time wasn't DDoS." Exact quote.

And he is afraid to tell you the company he works for, even though 'Anonymous' must already know if they stole his info from his work's database. You just keep making more and more sense...

But shit did get stolen, user names/passwords/birthdays/addresses and possibly credit card information has been stolen by whoever was behind this hack.
Actually, I believe sony statement said that shit could have been compromised. Meaning, shit could have been stolen. Not that it was. Just that the possibility exists.

Right...the whole "We have access to the PSN login servers" means everything is OK on Sony's end. You wanna talk about illogical? And before you bring in the "I have access by logging in", again, you don't. Like I said, logging in gives you access to your specific sector of data. Anonymous announced to Sony that they had access to EVERYTHING as part of a threat to get Sony to back down on the legal action against geohotz and any one that visited his website.
I log in by accessing the login servers. That's what login servers are there for. That is their purpose. I have 'access to the psn login servers.' Point of that is that saying 'we have access' doesn't mean 'we haxxored ur shit lolol.'

And, again, the people that announced that are saying they didn't do anything. So it's irrelevant.

Quote: do realize that's just an excuse to quell the masses, right? They announced a security breach in their system. Calling it an internal problem is just an excuse to get people to stop bitching. Public Relations 101, man. Spin shit to make yourself look better.

And you realize that AnonOps blogspot is where I was quoting from, right? You know, the same people you're quoting as sources from a lot of the shit you're posting in here. Not sony. The blog thing states that it is most likely just an internal problem on sony's part.

Spin shit to make yourself look...uh, yeah...
Youtube/4chan/any board that they can communicate with anonymously. You think they would seriously have a centralized website that federal anti-hacking agencies can trace IPs with?
I don't. I'm also not the person who said anything about "Anonymous' website." That was you.

Same post that says they aren't responsible for the latest attack and it was possibly a group of Anons working independently. AnonOps is the mind behind the attacks. They send out the videos and flyers calling out their targets.

Here we have a representative of AnonOps saying they run the operations and press announcements, while hacking into the Westboro church website during the interview. If you can stand listening to that retarded cunt of a church leader. If you can't, it's around the 8 minute mark that Anonymous hacks one of the church's websites, 9 minutes is the showing of the website hack.
Cool. So they never state they're leaders of anything. They just do shit. Like I said.

Research even you could do.
No shit, I think anyone can do the research you do. I can do a lot better. For example:
Originally Posted by
AnonOps (Anonymous Operations) is an international communication platform frequented by Anonymous to conduct operations.

Our primary goal is to provide reliable, stable and uncensored mediums of communication amongst users. The main service we provide is a relatively stable meeting point for Anonymous via IRC, as well as a radio station (Radio Payback).

AnonOps is not Anonymous, but merely a network frequented by their movement.
We do not advocate, condemn or control what our users discuss. We are here to provide a service for anyone to speak freely on any subject, regardless of content, as long as they abide by the network rules.
Note the bolded. Right from homepage. Google it, and read the cache, since the site is being attacked and is down at the moment. Goddamn, dude. Seriously. Fucking wow.

I guess it's some sort of clever trick to fool the FBI, eh?

Protip: For fuck's sake, most news you read about anon is bullshit.


Lurk fucking moar.
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