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Re: The Sony debacle.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Same to you.

Never said you were, but now that I know where your mindset it at this argument is almost moot. But what the hell? I'm a stubborn fuck, too.

I never said I was building them since I was 8 (I said ALMOST 18 years, not over), I said I've been working with them. I was modifying my family's computers at that time, because I was the only one aside from my dad that knew what to do. I've been building computers for the past 8-9 years. I've also been working with servers for that long (started with Computer Engineering and Network Administration my senior year of high school, been dabbling in it ever since).
You're an idiot.

No, seriously. I assume you're suggesting the argument is pointless because of mindset. That's retarded.

And who cares that you took a class or two in highschool or, holy shit, fucked around with computers at home. None of that means shit, because none of that makes you an expert in the context of high end server security. Bringing this shit up at all is logically fallacious. Appeal to authority. You're not anywhere close to being an authority on the subject. It's stupid to even post that shit.

Quote: what fucked up world is that even the case? "We have access to the login servers" means they have access to every piece of data in those servers, meaning they had the means to take whatever they wanted if they so chose. They chose not to touch any of it, even though they had the access to it.
The fucked up world where people know how to read? The fucked up world where people can understand context? What was said in the video was that they could attack the PSN servers. That doesn't imply the ability to steal info. It could simply mean they can perform a DDoS attack on them. Your stance goes beyond what was stated.

I never said they were. I said the timing behind it was too coincidental. Anonymous was attacking Sony, they backed off because the PSN was taken down, all of a sudden someone hacked into PSN and took information.
I never said you said they were. You are an idiot.

The analogy best suited for this is the guy leaving his front door open, was told he would get robbed if he did that, and continued to leave said door open and get robbed.

Your own analogy. You think this best suits the situation. This is not a logical chain of thought on your part. The person telling the guy that leaving his front door open isn't smart is AnonOps. You say sony left the door open, as shown by them getting robbed. You don't know this. Sony could have shut that door and locked it. The person who is responsible could have burrowed underneath the house or some shit for all you know. Because you don't know what the fuck those dudes did. You have no info. You have no foundation for the stupid shit you are posting. That's why you're an idiot.

No, shit was stolen.

I'm ending this bullshit with that article. Sony admitted personal data was stolen and there was a possibility that credit card info was also compromised. You don't want to believe it? Fine, whatever. I'm done with this shit.
Congrats. You found someone else who can't read, and wrote an online article. In that article is what Sony has actually stated:

"It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained. If you have authorized a sub-account for your dependent, the same data with respect to your dependent may have been obtained,"

It is possible that data may have been obtained. Exactly what I said in my last post. Good job, retard.

Oh, and you don't get to end shit, except for your own stupid posts. I'm sure you'll be an unmanly puss and not end shit despite your claim to be doing so. Just like you so gallantly decided to 'end shit' right before responding to any of the shit I posted calling you out on your complete misunderstanding of goddamn anons.
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