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Re: The Sony debacle.

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
Yeah 10 years is completely ridiculous, since they aren't doing any real harm. Yeah, they can put the sites down which could indirectly harm the owners of the sites, but like that guy said in the video, DDoSing is just like a protest blocking a building (which could indirectly harm the owner of the building) or something, nobody is breaking a window or anything.
For the guys who were actually just going the the DDoS yeah, 10 years seems kind of harsh. The malicious motherfuckers who sought to do actual damage, by stealing peoples digital pedigree is another story. Could careless what kind of repercussions they are looking at. Considering sony already has a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit against them because of this mess, and are being investigated by I think its up to three separate governments as well. One would imagine they are looking to make heads roll, and rightfully so imo.
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