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/naruto 537 spoiler\

source== http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....7-spoiler.html

Title: Night

Gedo blast has pretty much wiped out the battlefield, but Kitsuchi used some super Doton that like tries to trap Gedo into a mountain. But Gedo is holding the earth back and then uses a lightning-like attack from the wood spikes on his back to hit some allied shinobi.

Gedo Mazo towers over all, Chouji and Chouza go off to face it while leaving the others to handle the sealing of Kakuzu and Hizashi. Madara commands Gedo to attack them while he looks for something else

Chouza engages Gedo so that Chouji can hit him with a Butterfly Punch but it has no effect on Gedo who blasts them both away. Meanwhile, Naruto goes into RM, Bee tells him to save his strength and Naruto says he has no time to waste.

Ending Narration: The night is the quiet before the storm. In the morning, the second stage of the 4th Ninja war will begin loudly

They also receive word of Naruto and Bee escaping the barrier.

Chouza and Chouji are back to normal and comment on how powerful the thing is.

Shikamaru seems to have some idea what it is based on reports from Shikaku and other allied intelligence

Madara appears at the pot and defeats the guys by it.

Darui remembers that Raikage told him about how Madara was sealing Jinchuuriki power into a giant statue and that gotten one of Hachibi's tentacles already.

sensor team notice some chakra in the battlefield and tells raikage that madara is controlling the giant beast.

Darui jumps into stop him from getting the Ningu(ninja tool) but Madara says he has no use for it, just what's inside. Madara is then shadow-binded by Shikamaru who comments that Madara's plan must be to seal Kin/Gin's chakra into the statue beast. Madara than says something like "What a waste to have to kill a talented man like you..." Shikamaru says "Then that big thing is..." before a giant foot is about to crush them all from above

To try and stop the Gedō Mazō, Kitsuchi creates a wall of earth. Gedō Mazō easily tears it down, sending everyone flying.

Madara appears at the place where the pot with Kinkaku in it is. Attacking Madara proves ineffective. Darui arrives there as well.

In order to stop Madara from moving, Shikamaru uses Kageshibari. Then Gedō Mazō comes and destroys the shadow. Shikamaru has to be saved by Chōji. Darui has to be saved by Kitsuchi.

Chouji saves Shikamaru and Kitsuchi tells Darui that night is coming and that they'll have to change their plans based on the new situation which is not in their favor. Madara has vanished with the Pot
and Gedo disappears as well

Kabuto-So he's already grabbed Kin/Gin. But he only has a tiny fraction of Hachibi, why is he rushing like this...?

Madara is shown holding the pot thinking "I can't lose this war no matter what, I must do everything I can!"

He says the Eye of the Moon plan he's planned for years will finally come to fruition tomorrow. The armies are shown taking cover as night falls. Allied loses stand at 40,000, Akatsuki's loses are 50,000. A close up of the moon ends the chapter with the following narration: The night is the quiet before the storm. In the morning, the second stage of the 4th Ninja war will begin loudly

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