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Re: Naruto538 predictions/spoilers

Chapter 538

Decisions Are Made.

Madara appears back at his headquarters with GinKin.

"Finally, I have now collected power from all the Bijuu, Gedo will finally be complete for my moons eye plan." Madara says.

"You really think you will be able to use them for the final part of Gedo?" Kabuto says

"Why not? They possess Kyuubi chakra, it should be able to create the Juubi." Madara says.

"They only possess a little bit of the Kyuubi chakra, they do not possess enough for you to use them in Gedo, this will not work." Kabuto says.

Madara, frustrated, "I will try anyway, there is no harm in that."

Leaf HQ

"Hokage, lets leave, we have to stop them before they get into trouble." Raikage says

"Okay, Shikaku you are in charge." Tsuande says.
Fighting the Gedo

"Shikimaru, do you have any idea what this is?" Chouji says.

"I think it is a summoning, but I honestly have never seen anything like this, it is overwhelming." Shikimaru says.

"It is some of the power of the Bijuu Madara has collected, that is why it is so strong, and I am not sure we can defeat it." Darui says.

"Wait, so even our combine strength won't stand a chance against this thing?" Chouji says.

Darui, with a look of concern, "We need one of the Kage to defeat this, and even then, I am not sure it will be done."

A flash flies by Darui and he feels a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Darui, the cool catz have arrived." Bee says.

Naruto flies at the statue with Rasengan Shuriken, hitting it dead center, the statue falls onto its backside.

Shikimaru, shocked, "Is that Naruto?"

"Just when you think you catch up to the guy....he just flies right back to the top" Chouji says.

"Every time he fights, I want to marry him." Ino says.

The Gedo starts to get back up.

"Nice one fox man, but that thing isn't out yet, you want some help?" Bee says.

"Yeah, lets do it, you know what to do." Naruto says

Naruto forms another Rasengan Shuriken, Bee forms the Bijuu Bomb, they attack at the same time hitting the Gedo on opposites side, the solid rock explodes.

"Well thats that fox man, good thing we came when we did, no one was taking that thing out without us." Bee laughs

"BEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait until I get my fucking hands on you." Raikage comes at him.

"Oh shit, we are in trouble Naruto, my brother isn't going to be happy." Bee says

"Naruto! you need to listen better or I am going to lock you in a room in the Leaf Village where you are chained and unable to get out." Tsunade yells

"No offense Bee, I'd rather deal with your brother over grandma." Naruto says.

Raikage and Tsunade punch Bee and Naruto in the face, both fall to ground with grins on their faces.

"Hokage, with all do respect, they just saved a lot of the allied forces." Shikimaru says

"I have to agree Raikage, they came just in time." Darui says

"Yeah yeah, listen to them brother, they are right, we saved them, for sure." Bee says

Raikage and Tsuande look at one another

"Well what do we do now, Madara will know they have appeared, and we can't win this war without them, that is clear." Tsunade says

"I guess we will have to let them fight, but I will stay with them the entire time, they will be my responsibility, you go back to HQ and make the orders." Raikage says

"Are you sure you will be able to keep Naruto and Bee safe by yourself? We had a team designed for Naruto because he was such a pain." Tsuande says

"I will tag along with them, it will be a four man team, Couji and Ino will help out Darui here." Shikimaru says

"Is this okay with you then Hokage?" Raikage asks.

"This is a good plan, lets do it."

Madara HQ

"I told you that it wouldn't work, you should listen to me." Kabuto says.

"I guess we will need to figure something else out then." Madara says

"Madara, the Gedo statue was destroyed." Zetsu reports

"How is that possible!?" Madara says

"Naruto and Bee have arrived to the battle, and Naruto has a new form." Zetsu says

"Well Kabuto, I guess we found our new plan." Madara says
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