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Re: Naruto538 predictions/spoilers

Chapter 539: “Famiy Ties”

Jumbo issue: proceeds go to Japan Survives

Lee is facing off with Ringo. Everyone is involved with their own fight. Sakura is fighting Zetsu, Guy is fighting Zetsu as well. Kakashi is fighting needle and thread Edo.

Lee, “it is dark you Edo must not be hindered by this.”

Ringo, “Edo/? I know not what that is but yes it seems i can see just fine. i see my comrades all have unique eyes i assume i do as well. But do not think u can use that technique on me that you did to make my teammate off himself”

Lee, ‘it was not a trick, i merely reasoned with him, but i do see that will not be the case with u”

He clashes his swords together to blast a bolt at Lee. Lee avoids it. but gets stabbed by a piercing blade. It is the needle sword user. It went through both of Lee’s arms.

Ringo, “thank you comrade it is always more fun when we share a kill”

Guy seeing this, “Lee! i am coming!”

Lee looks at Guy and shakes his head no.

Guy stops and gives him the thumbs up, then jumps into the fray. Leaving Lee alone. We see Guy shed a tear while he is jumping.

Lee is bound by the thread of the sword.

Lee, “as i was telling ur fallen comrade. This is no place for you anymore. you were Legends when you were dead.”

Ringo, “we are still Legends!”
He strikes the ground and a huge bolt of lightning runs towards Lee.

A huge explosion of rock and sand flies everywhere.

The needle swordsman is Edo healing part of his body that was injured.

Lee through the dust speaks, “No you are not Legends here and now.”

Lee is bleeding form his arms he ripped himself free and guarded most of the blast which shredded his arms.
“Here and now you are losers.”

Needle swordsman, “you are foolish”

Lee, “gate close. Gate 2 close. Gate 1 Open: Gate of Awareness!”

Lee begins to heal rapidly wind begins to circle him.

He pulls out a a kunai with a tag on it.

Ringo, “ha, ha. An exploding kunai? what do u plan to do with that?”

Kakashi sees that Kunai, it can’t be, can it?

Lee throws it down right in front of him. a huge tornado begins to spin around him. the Edos look on unphased.

Lee shouting form inside, “Gate Opening technique: Enlightened Warrior, all Gates technique!”

Zetsus are blown apart ninja are pushed down many are blocking the force of power. then like a flash it dissipates. Guy looking standing next to Sakura and many fallen Zetsu.

Kakashi is looking as well.{By the 3rd, you are truly part of Naruto’s generation Lee.}

Guy, {Lee, what have you accomplished?}

Lee is standing in a jump suit that is all black with a stripe down both sides. he has a black Chunin vest on and a green head band with the symbol for Lizard on the plate. His alliance head band is wrapped around is left arm. In his hand he has a pair of Sai. On his back is Bo staff. He is has his left hand on the side of a giant Chameleon standing beside him. Is has a giant shirt with the Lizard symbol on it.

Lee, “Go Ryuu Senshi! the time is now!”

Ryuu, “right. He disappears.”

suddenly Lees is in front of the lighting swords man., “ You are not first.”

Lee disappears and reappears in front of the needle swordsman. The clash weapons, Lee after a few moves dis arms him with the sai. then grabs the sword and runs around him with the speed un seen. He uses the Sword to bind the Edo.

Kakashi, “sai get over there and seal him!”
Sai runs over and seals him, leaving the sword, Lee throws it to the ground.

Ringo, “you bastard!”

suddenly he can’t move and is being crushed.

Lee, “good job Ryuu Senshi”

Ryuu appears beside Ringo with his tailed wrapped around him, “here is another one for you kid!”

Sai seals him as well leaving the swords on the battle field as well.

Kakashi, “We have to finish this, to get the night squads room!”

Guy, “agreed.” He goes 6 gates and starts destroying Zetsu.

Kakashi, “Lee take Sakura to meet up with Kankaro squad. we will all regroup an dmeet at teh rally point.”

Lee, “yes sir”

Sakura, “what about you?”

Kakashi, “This is war Sakura, follow orders or go back home!”

She says nothing. Lee guides her atop of Ryuu then he leaps off.

Kakashi turns to the land mine ninja and the cremating ninja. {now that hey are out of the way. i can let loose} “Nara clan fall back everyone take care of all the other enemy, i have this in hand. Guy lead them.”

Inside Naruto we see the fox and naruto inside the cage. bee is outside of it.

Naruto, “you can stop the huffing and puffing now. I have had u inside me all this time but never listened, until now.”

Bee, {what is he talking about, imma listen and find out.}

Fox, “shut up Naruto. You don’t know anything, nothing at all.”

Naruto, i finally figured it out when i sensed the other 2 fox chakras.” (flash back of GIN/KIN)

Bee{Kin & Gin were on the battlefield, How is THAT real?}

“all this time i wondered why i wasn’t as strong as my mom and the 1st wife. Why could they control you better than anyone. when i meet Bee and seen his relation ship with the Bull , i said that could never happen with you and I. “

Fox, “you were right.”

Naruto, “so i was thinking bee does not control the Bull they are friends.”

Fox, “so you want to be my friend now?”

Naruto, “That isn’t it. Inside of me just as we are now my mom showed me what happened that night. i saw it then and felt it. I had to grow up a little before i really could figure this out. when i was younger i just thought you were a stupid evil old fox”

Fox, “yeah beggin me for power so you could win, only helped u so i would not die as well.”

Naruto raises his voice a little, “stop it already, we both know if I die you will be back eventually with no problems”

Fox, “Naruto, don’t anger me you are in here with me!”

Naruto, “ stop being a coward and admit you are “

Fox , “stop!”

Naruto, “a Mother!”

Bee, {what?!} What in the world, Fox your a girl?”

Naruto, “i saw the same look in my Mom & Dad’s eyes when Madara held a Kunai to my throat as a baby. Felt the same feeling he felt of fear, anger and protection when i felt those Chakras earlier” .

Fox, “it is true. “

Naruto, “that is why the 1st wife and Mom were the best hosts for you. The didn’t control you. they were your friends, they related to you. they were mothers.”

Bee, “ but where did the kids come from, i thought u were the only son?”

Naruto, “My mom didn’t have kids before me!”

Fox, “it happened long before her. it happened during the 1st reign. The Cloud village, Whirlpool and Leaf village began a process of becoming one. They were to combine through birth of two children”

Naruto, “what?”

“Yes they were to be a symbol of the unity. Mito Uzumaki was not pregnant but her cousin the wife of the 1st Raikage’s brother and Clan member were. It was already planned for him to take up the position.”

Naruto, “so what about the kids?”

Fox, “i was with twins while inside Mito. They performed technique that channeled my kids into the two different women. it would link all three villages into a powerful unity. After the birth it was obvious that it worked, one chile wen to the Whirl pool the other the Cloud. As the children grew so did the influence of my kids on them.”

Bee, “the kids were so mean they mad Gin & kin the evil team?”

Fox, “not exactly, my kids were too weak to spoil the soul of a human, what the did they did cause they wanted to. Years later they grew and became powerful. But i an done talking. Why did you force this out of me?”

Naurto, “Your son’s are back some how, you wanna save them. I am Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namekaze’s son they put you in me to save us all. My Parents entrusted you with my life, cause you are mother.”

Fox, “i see, in a way you are right.”

“You been part of the Uzumaki heritage for so long your almost like...”

He stands wit his arms open for a hug and a big grin on his face.

“my Aunt!!”

Fox moving back, “no i am not!”

She can’t escape Narutos hug.

Naruto, “Aunty Fox! We will get your kids back, after all they are family! Plus we will stop this war and defeat Madara!”

Fox, Fine.”

Shikamaru and company.

Choji, “that sounds great, but can we really put all this on that? i mean that is a big maybe.”

Ino, “he is right, what it doesn’t even happen?”

Dauri, “Thats wheer plans B, C & D come in”

Chouza, “okay, so it is settled, now we let the night squads work, and hope nothin unexpected

Naruto and Bee are back.

Naruto, “wow, i got more than i expected from that.”

Suddenly they notice the clones are fighting Zetsu. suddenly before Bee & Naruto can join in.

“crashing thunder stomp!”

Raikage comes crashing down on top of one of the Naruto clones. The impact destroys the clone and other clones plus the Zetsu around.

Bee, {uh oh Bee}

Naruto, “wow how did you know that wasn’t me?”

Raikage, “i didn’t”

Naruto, “what are you crazy?”

Tsunade walking up, “you two are coming with us, Naruto.”

Raikage, “That is an order or we will drag you back!”

Naruto, he has his head down,“ An order?”

He raises his head and has fox eyes, “drag me.”

Next, “Kages vs, Jinchuriki”
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