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Re: Naruto538 predictions/spoilers

540: “no more orders”

Jumbo issue

Sakura is holding Lee around the waste as they ride the giant Chameleon.

{Kakashi senseiwas different back there, i think this is why he is always so calm. So when things like this arise he can let loose all the anger he has inside, instead of at the wrong moments.}

Kakashi is standing with Zabuza’s sword in hand.

{but what happens when he is angry?}

The land mine Ninja is coming towards Kakashi.

Kakashi appears behind him and slices his arms off, “Sai now!”

Sai seals the Edo.

Death touch ninja, “I just need one touch”

Kakashi {there are at least a dozen waiting underground directly under me. Have to time this right}
‘Guy how many are you holding back?”

Guy, “ 75 down at least 200 still coming we can’t hold em much longer.”

Kakashi, “on my signal let them through and all of you get on the other side of their assault!”

Guy, {so it has come to that.} “roger!”

Zetsu grab Kakashi’s legs more rise and grab his waste then his arms.

Ninja, “like I said just one touch” sh begins to run towards him.

Kakashi does full body Chidori field like Raikage, “now!”

Guy and the others allow the Zetus to advance and they all jump out of sight.

The field knocks enough Zetsu loose to free his left hand, he pulld his mask down from his mouth, “Hatake Secret Technique: Chakra Siphon!”

A swirl of chakra forms at his mouth., It appears to be draining all the Zetsu that have come near him and the Edo.

in moments every Zetsu is crumbling and the Edo is laying on the ground barely moving. There is a huge ball of chakra in front of Kakashi. He pulls his mask back up.

Edo, “impressive, I t seems your worthy of being a ninja. Willing to kill all of your comrades to defeat them enemy. That Is what a huge mass of chakra will do you know?”

Kakashi, “yes, it would. But I am not going to ignite it.”
Edo, “what?”

Kakashi uses blood form his arm and makes many hand signs, “Hatake Secret Summoning and Ninja art: chakra ever lasting!”

A huge black gourd similar to Gaara’s but with the Kanji for wolf on it in grey. Appears on his back. The chakra is going inside it, until it is completely gone form the air.

Kakashi, “good bye. Mangekyo Sharinghan!”

he swirls the entire Edo as if done by Madara. Moments later he catches up with the Guy and his team. He has the gourd on his back and make shift sack carrying the swordsmen’s weapons.

Kakashi, “It is night fall, let’s go to the rendezvous!”

They all move out.

Night fall. the stars are beginning to twinkle, owls emerging form their trees.

Naruto and bee are standing with Tsunade and A.

Tsunade, “Naruto it would be best if you would just come with us, willingly. We don’t need to be wasting our energy with this.”

Naruto, “I know granny Tsunade, we should be fighting along side our comrades!”

Raikage, “That Is it, I will teach you like I taught Bee to obey me!”

He charges towards Naruto with is field up.

Tsunade{ this does not need to happen.}

Naruto, “you do not want to do that!”

Raikage comes down with his forearm but Bee stops it.

Bee is taking his scarf off, “no more brother, no more. It is time you were put in your place.”

Raikage, pulling away and jumping back, “you my have stopped that damn raping but I am still stronger!”

Bee appears in front of Raikage then behind him then beside him then he appears in front of him upper cutting him sending flying.

Bee, “No, you are not. I have always held back when fighting you, your ego was so fragile, you needed to be able to beat me to become the Kage! So I let you.”

Naruto, “gee, Granny those two have some issues huh?”

A fist comes flying at Naruto’s face but he goes Sage and catches it. “granny Tsunade what are you doing?”

Tsunade jumping back, “this has to be done, I have to make sure you are alive to become Hokage, if that means defeating you here, then so be it!”
She throws off her green robe t reveal different cloths. It is a uniform similar to the 1st Hokage armor , except fitting a woman.

“earth style: mud shoes jutsu!”

Thick mud covers Naruto’s feet up to his knees.

“fire style: heat stream!”

A blast of heat hardens the mud like concrete.

Naruto, “I don’t want to defeat you granny, don’t make me go through you. I can, and you know it”

Tsunade, “try it pip squeak.”

Raikage is fighting Bee. Blocking with his stub and attempting to strike with his fist.

“I am only at a disadvantage due to this injury.”

Bee, “you have to face that I am more powerful than you are brother. If it were not the case then th evillage would have no need for a tailed beast, now would it?”

Raikage is angry, “shut up1 I am older and stronger.”

He flips back and hits he ground with his nub causing blood to be left.

He forms hand signs with his one hand.

Bee, “brother, don’t do it, it will no tend well. You nee that chakra for the war, not me!”

“Cloud style..”

Then suddenly Raikage is lifted up off the ground by an unseen force.

Bee is looking up, “what the hell?”

Naruto steps out of the cent shoes, “lady Tsunade, you and Raikage must help us or leave us no other choice do you have.”

Tsunade, “I always have a choice {I am sorry Naruto}, Forbidden Technique.”

Naruto, {forbidden what she trying to do?!}

Suddenly her hands are bound.

A voice., “I don’t think so.”

Tsunade, “Naruto!”

The shadow clones that dispersed earlier into the woods resurfaced. Several are holding Raikage in the air fro a tree branch. Two are holding Tsunades hands together by wire.

Naruto, “let’s go Bee!”

Bee, “right!”

Fox, “wait, llisten…”

Naruto, “ok, you sure? Wow, that’s cool!”

Bee, “what?”

Naruto. Putting his hand on Bee’s shoulder, “you will see.”

Tsunade is getting upset she throws the clones away from her.


In an orange flash they are gone.

“it can’t be, flash step?”

Raikage, “you little brat!”

They all disappear leaving him to fall and flip in mid air landing on his feet.

“that move reminded me of the 4th Hokage, how did he do it?”

Tsunade, “like father like son”

Raikage shocked, “you mean?”

Naruto appears miles yards away with Bee.

“that brat is the son of the yellow flash? I never stood a chance.”

Naruto, “wow, that was cool. Aunty Fox said sense I am not using the majority of my chakra to supress her it frees it up . She said my dad increased his speed with focused chakra bursts, he just used a lot of chakra to do it.’

Bee, “okay so now what we don’t wanna it all up.”

Naruto, “she said me using it is like any other ninja doing their flash step, cause i have so much chakra of my own. There is more stuff too but I twill have to wait and show up on it’s own.”

Bee, “that’s a great story kid, but focus on the war we are in. we are in a rush but someone is trying to ambush us.”

Naruto, I felt it, before we got here.”

Kabuto coming out, “Then I guess no need for me to hid any longer, then hmmmm?”

Naruto, “what makes you think I won’t beat you where you stand? Where is Sasuke and captain Yamato?!”

Kabuto, “take it easy Naruto, I came to do just that, tell you where Yamato and Sasuke are.”

At the HQ. Madara is standing with the artifacts.

Zetsu appearing in the ground, “Kabuto is making his move.”

Madara, “already? I thought I was being impatient.”

Zetsu, “well Tobi are you going to take care of hem with Gedo too?”

Madara walking to another room as Zetsu follows, Oh no, to mush at stake to risk them destroying the statue. Oh no I he something else in mind.”

Lee ad Sakura arrive at Kankaro and company’s area. They are fighting Zetsu, a controlled Lady Chiyo and Kimimaru. The Samurai are present as well.

Sakura, “it is no better here than anywhere else. I have to get the wounded.”

Lee standing up on Ryuu Senshi., “go Ryuu, protect Sakura!”

He flips off, h elands right in front of Kimimaru before he attacks some Samurai.
Lee deflects the bone drill with a straight kick that shatters it leaving his naked arm.

Kimimaru, “you, I was sure you had died by now. Such an under achiever.”

Lee, “give us room, this is gonna be messy.”

Sakura is healing ninja when suddenly her hands are not responding, they are doing what they want to. She starts fighting the Samurai an\d other ninja.

Chiyo, “hello Sakura, I see you have become a find Med Ninja, I can talk u thorugh this put I can’t control what I do, I will help the best I can”

Sakura, removing her gloves, “no thank you. “

She chakra knifes the puppet chakra string away from her body.

“ I wanna do this on my own.”

Naruto, “Is this a setup you been working on? You slimy snake!?”

Kabuto, “no It is not.”

Suddenly Kunai come flying at Kabuto at high speeds, The snakee tail has a Kunai in it’s grasp and blocks all the flying Kunai.

Suddenly they are surround by ninja in chunin vests, they all the Konoha ahead band.

Naruto, “what them too? It can’t be? Kabuto, you did this?!”

Kabuto lookin around at eh ninja, “I assure you id have nothing to do with these.

They are surrounded by Uchiha Edos.

Fugaki steps out front, “it is time to go , you are no longer needed, and you two are coming with me, Fugaki head of the Konoha Police and father to the strongest Uchiha of the Leaf, Itachi Uchiha!”

Naruto {Sasuke’s Dad?!}

Next Uzumaki vs. Uchiha
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