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Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Originally Posted by Freshgrease View Post
I would have thought he would have died of old age considering how long it took to find him. Looks like the Pakistani's were sheltering him. Guess we will be fighting another sub-war.....
The Panistani government actually helped us locate and take him down, according to Obama's speech late last night. I doubt we'll be doing anything of the sort.

Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post
His body isn't in custody,my news says that He gotten buried at the sea and so does the news from the same site you're sharing.

Am not buying that America got red of the body that fast,I dunno..something doesn't sound right.
It was in our custody, and I'm sure they didn't want him on display or anything. They just wanted him gone. They would not release this much press and have that highly usually timed speech for something like that.

Originally Posted by blake View Post
regardless of all the conspiracies and stuff probably surrounding this; I dont really care about bin laden. Killing him doesnt change what happened on 9/11. Lets have our government kill bad inner city schools, college tuitions and gas prices
It doesn't change what happened, but it does bring closure to a lot of people who've died by his hands. No just in America, but all over the world. And this is a HUGE moral boost to the America people in the midst of all the bad economy and deficit. Not to mention to toll it'll take on the moral of terrorist, who held Osama in high regard.

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
Yaaaay. Go have a nationwide BBQ America, you deserve it.
Amuricah. I needs some ribs and a beer.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
So... no trial or even autopsy by independent entities? It's just bullet to the head and toss the corpse at the sea?

I'm with Darth-Nero, something does not sound right.
No trial. That son of a bitch did not deserve one. According to the presidential address last night, he was killed in a firefight. Not entirely sure I believe that aspect of it because I know I wouldn't have the self control not to shoot on sight.

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