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Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post

But seriously, I don't get the "lol y no autopsy?" thing. What the fuck do they need to do an autopsy for? Cause of death is pretty obvious. You can get DNA samples with a few q-tips. Height, pics, whatever don't require an autopsy. Etc.

Is there some sort of protocol that is supposed to be followed when a goddamn terrorist leader gets his shit ruined or some shit that I'm not aware of?
The problem is not with why they didn't do an autopsy,the problem is why every thing happened so damn fast and with no evidence other than obama's statement (if you can call that evidence),you know the US better than know the US government would rather keep the guy alive in a jar for a while for American's entertainment before applying justice on him,and you also know that the Us Navy could've capture the guy alive without spilling his morning coffee (specially since they already mentioned that they ambushed the guy in a shelter with only 2 other men and a woman) but obviously they killed him because they got orders of kill-on-sight,why? I have no idea..but am pretty sure the Us government can afford risking some soldiers lives to capture Osama alive once they can locate him.

Also if the guy's corps is being buried where no one can find's because it's better for America that this body becomes no where to be found or retrieved. the US government was never that caring or sentimental,They don't give a shit about muslims rituals or pissing off the muslim socity when it comes to whats better for AMERICA.

tl;dr Osama was better off captured for farther humiliation and stronger American victory,yet he got intentionally killed while his death could've been avoided.
Osama's corps was better to be kept for a while as a matter of bragging about America's CIA superiority,yet they quickly got red of the body.

So what conspiracy do i have in mind? Osama being already dead and the US poltted to take credit for it. and don't get me wrong,i don't mean to be a party pooper but if someone wants me to believe there story they better not leave much question marks. i hope the next hours can bring something to prove the righteousness of this news.
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