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Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post
The problem is not with why they didn't do an autopsy,the problem is why every thing happened so damn fast and with no evidence other than obama's statement (if you can call that evidence),
Here's an article detailing why it was hush-hush:
In short, the cream of the crop took out the son-of-a-bitch. Practice runs, black-op procedures, quick, and methodical. It took a lot of intel and preparation to get this underway. Even then, Obama authorized the hit without a unanimous decision from his board of advisers.

you know the US better than know the US government would rather keep the guy alive in a jar for a while for American's entertainment before applying justice on him,and you also know that the Us Navy could've capture the guy alive without spilling his morning coffee (specially since they already mentioned that they ambushed the guy in a shelter with only 2 other men and a woman) but obviously they killed him because they got orders of kill-on-sight,why?
Do you know why this administration is different from the last? Because this administration is more open to the public with information that is very relevant to our interests. Bush's administration dragged its feet when it came to anything regarding the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan, and especially the war in Iraq. Obama's administration is geared towards pulling our troops out of those shit hole countries and bringing them back home. Morale has been in the shitter ever since 9/11, and now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the mastermind, the figurehead of al Qaeda is feeding the Goddamn sharks with his body. Also, it wasn't just Osama, a son, a wife, and the two brothers that were killed. It was twenty-two people, total, that were killed or captured. This isn't a Goddamn video game where you can outwit buggy AI by hiding in some shadows while sneaking into a base with a perfectly (and unrealistically) silenced machine gun to capture some flag. No, there were helicopters, there were high tensions, there were lookouts, they were in territory that they weren't necessarily supposed to be in, and there was one terrorist mastermind who needed to be eliminated. Nothing short of Sam Fisher gadgets and contrivance would get into that base unnoticed. So, that is why a firefight broke out. There was a team of elite agents taking on a team of al Qaeda militants.

I have no idea..but am pretty sure the Us government can afford risking some soldiers lives to capture Osama alive once they can locate him.
Fuck you. Our government cares about every soldier, every citizen. Even though the politicians are asinine buffoons, they do not waste lives willy-nilly. Other countries? Yes, their military is nothing more than throwing bodies into the fray until their enemy runs out of ammunition. America doesn't work that way. America makes sure that there's sufficient evidence to risk putting soldiers' lives on the line.
Also if the guy's corps is being buried where no one can find's because it's better for America that this body becomes no where to be found or retrieved. the US government was never that caring or sentimental,They don't give a shit about muslims rituals or pissing off the muslim socity when it comes to whats better for AMERICA.
It's better for Osama bin Laden to be buried at sea rather than taken to any Western nation because his corpse would not be defiled and desecrated. It's better for America because we would not be further painted as utter barbarians in the eyes of the Muslim world for blatantly disregarding another culture's beliefs and customs.

America is populated by people of every race, every religion. While America does not have a perfect track record of tolerance, it is sure as fuck better than those shit hole countries we're fighting. Do not bitch about America being intolerant of Muslim beliefs when footage of American soldiers are being beheaded by Muslim extremists on videos posted on the Internet. Quite frankly, Osama bin Laden is lucky to get any kind of proper burial at all. Because of what his followers have done to my people, to the soldiers that deserve every ounce of Goddamn respect from the world, he is so fucking lucky that anyone who complains about the circumstances of his death and burial needs to remember exactly what we could have done to him.

I will gladly admit that I would have liked to seen his head impaled on a pike, but I know better than that. I believe every person deserves better treatment than that, because we live in an era of civility and, believe it or not, dignity. At least, the Western world does. I don't know about the Middle East. So, any Muslim extremists who are (or Muslims who happen to be) upset about his burial need to take a step back and think about how America put aside the petty bullshit of cultural intolerance that those particular Muslim nations thrive in.

This is not a war on Islam. This is a war on those who would do America harm, and if they happen to be Muslim, so be it.

tl;dr Osama was better off captured for farther humiliation and stronger American victory,yet he got intentionally killed while his death could've been avoided.
Osama's corps was better to be kept for a while as a matter of bragging about America's CIA superiority,yet they quickly got red of the body.
You know what, that's utterly fucking ridiculous. America does its best to preserve the dignity of enemies of the state. Yes, there have been major fuck ups. However, America did everything in its power to make amends, even if the efforts seem petty in comparison.

Osama bin Laden brought his death upon himself. The strike team was given orders that if he had shown believable intent to give himself up then he was to be captured, rather than killed. From the official report (and yes, I do believe my Goddamn government {not all governments are so utterly corrupt that they need to be overthrown by the people, you know}), Osama reached for a weapon while using his wife as a human shield. Same as law enforcement over here, if a suspect reaches for a weapon you are allowed to open fire. He was cleanly killed (double tap, according to the article), not butchered like some animal.

The CIA doesn't need to brag about its superiority with a body. The fact that their intel and operatives killed the bastards speaks volumes about their competency. And that's all they've needed to keep working and operational. Just the sheer satisfaction of a job well done.

So what conspiracy do i have in mind? Osama being already dead and the US poltted to take credit for it. and don't get me wrong,i don't mean to be a party pooper but if someone wants me to believe there story they better not leave much question marks. i hope the next hours can bring something to prove the righteousness of this news.
Every story is going to have question marks. Information has to be withheld until everything is sorted out. One phrase out of context or improperly worded can cause repercussions on an international level. Quite frankly, I was shocked by CNN's "Breaking News: Osama bin Laden is Dead" headline. That's rather blunt and gives no context as to what happened. So, deal with having questions until the information is released. The full report and details won't be declassified until we're all old, anyways. But this operation sure has a lot less holes than others, so be grateful that any details were released at all.
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