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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Ayumi stood still staring at ivas demo and hideki gave a sly his fangs glistening in the moonlight. "name's" he said turning around. " who is this guy?" said Iva dragging over the deceased body of the planned attacker. "I guess he can be your dinner...Hideki." "He is a man of my village, do not know his name but I can tell you this he works for Madadra and my father who is a Hokage of Darkening Mist my village." "What are the planning that you involves the two of you?" said Iva. Ayumi sighed. "Hideki's father wishes to destroy my village and Madara the world. But Hideki's father wished to join him Madara in his quest" "But why?" asked Iva "We are trying to figure that out?" said Hideki staring at the blood on the attackers body. Ayumi stared at Hideki she knew he wanted to drink that man's blood. "It was nice meeting you Iva, but its time for us to leave." She wants help wean him away from being a bloodthirsty beast. She grabbed Hideki's arm and began to drag him down the path.
"Wait!" called out Iva.
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