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Re: Can rich Christians go to heaven according to the bible?

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
It could be argued either way. When offered anything from God, Solomon asked for wisdom in order to govern justly. God liked this answer and said He would also make Solomon stupid rich. The riches of Solomon could have been a direct result of God's blessing, or an indirect result of God's granting him wisdom.

I believe at one point God says Solomon was the richest person in the history of humanity. My guess is the rich people of today would have seemed poor compared to Solomon cuz for God to say u are richest human ever in all of history u have to be rich beyond what most of us can comprehend. God uses gold/silver and gems like we use concrete and glass when God says he will make you rich you can be pretty sure ure going to be richer than any human can hope to achieve on his/her own. I dont really think it matters if the wisdom God gave him made him rich or God just handed him a bunch of Gold ure rich ether way.

Sense we are on the topic look at what Jesus said about rich people getting into heaven he said its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to get into heaven. Jesus said that after he told a rich person to give away all he had and follow him and then the rich person not wanting to lose his money. Going by both what did for Solomon and the words of Jesus its safe to assume that loving money more than you love God is the problem because to matter how rich you get you should always be willing to give it all away if thats what God asks of you. End the end earthly wealth doesnt matter cuz it will do nothing for u when it comes to getting into heaven.

Case in point look at what Jesus said about that poor woman who donated all she had and she did it willing even though it wasnt a whole lot (something like a couple pennies using US$). Jesus said her donation was more meaningful in the eyes of God than those who where donating much more but only donated what wouldn't leave them out anything. For instance Bill Gates can spend $1000US and not even notice it but a averge person would have to make cuts in other areas to spend that amount money. Another good way to look at it is if you are starving and find roll then when u go to eat it and another starving person comes and sets next to you what would you do ? Most would say split the roll and share it with the other starving person but would require more of you if gave the other person the whole roll and you stay hungry ? Thats the kind of sacrifice God values. You see that same principle in the Cain an Abel story.

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