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Re: Games and all things related

No, I don't consider him an expert, but was making the point that these videos, to me, appear to be an attempt to publicize these ideas to a wider audience and perhaps provoke any intellectual ideas from outside the gaming industry, just like news programs bring in "experts" to explain things to the general public, even though they don't say anything an average intelligent person may already know. It isn't supposed to brand new but rather just expanding the conversation.

I disagree thoroughly with the thought that there is no merit for spreading these ideas beyond the, as you say, "people who matter" because often in certain businesses, new ideas or development does truly come about until there is a demand for something different. Often, new ideas and participants will emerge from unlikely places. Why is that wrong?

And it still doesn't truly count as patronizing because I don't think they are targeting specifically the "in crowd" but, being a website with advertising, trying to get as many people in as possible.
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