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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Ayumi sighed. "This is going to feel like a year." said Hideki quietly "So what do you guys do for fun??" "Thats more like it hideki." ayumi sat down to sharpen her cloaking daggers. "The sun is setting." " you have a strong sense of smell..i mean for a priestess." "I guess so hideki, the wind carries it to my nose so i can pick of scents from miles away." Hideki sat next to her. "do you think we should of made this promise to iva and luna doesnt even know iva?" "I understand your set on getting your father." "Yes I am, so you and i could live in peace...start our own village maybe." said hideki watching the setting sun as he laid down next to ayumi who was now fixing her bag. "things take time hideki, you should know this. oh by the way if you want to know anything about us just ask??" "So we won't feel too much like strangers...and yes those attackers from before they are after anyone who is opposed of madara and my father. also anyone they can at least "try" to get there hands on. but as we can see you are pretty strong willed."
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