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"Well you sure act like it, lol. Yes i agree its different...what do you think we are living in the dark ages?" joked hideki. Ayumi ignored hideki. "you need to get some sleep, mr grouch" "what?" said hideki "i just dont like the fact she keeps saying the sam e thing..." "causes its unusal, but if she was in our shoes she will understand." Hideki groaned his headache was getting worst. "but luna we just wish for you be more aware of what evil is stirring. you might not care now but when it hits home like it did for hideki and i thats when you will care more. even though dont care i do its my job as a priestess/assassin to protect people and thats what i ll do for you...if you would care." Hideki began to snore and ayumi giggled. "hes a bit rough as well but he will get over it piece by piece." "but if you any other questions or wish me to ask feel free to say anything."
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