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Re: Naruto 538

Huh. Somewhat interesting... but you know what would have been better? If this had been an actual chapter back at the beginning rather than drag it up now. Still, explains the holding fingers and reminds us of the sentimental crap Kishi is going to pull for the Sasuke vs. Naruto fight (make the form of combat, fight, die fingers locked like Romeo and Juliet).

The Kyuubi was a bit talkative. Didn't think the Bijuu got that desperate. Maybe its the translation, but it seemed out of character. Better to see Naruto in full control - trapping the Kyuubi inside himself is probably one of the more impressive things Naruto has done in 100 chapters or so.

And we have to wait another week to see what Madara and others are up to. Was hoping for a little of that rather than suck the entire chapter to a long flashback.
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