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Re: Forum Manga Expansion

@ Kluang: I've heard you talk about this one before. Thanks for the links, but how much tentacle rape is there? Just as a forewarning.

I'll also introduce one that I've read off and on for a while and am about halfway through the 98 chapters written - currently on hiatus too.

Ubel Blatt - it is a medieval fantasy story which follows the steps of Koinzell, who appears to be nothing more than a mere half human-elf child with a big scar over his left eye. He is on a quest of revenge against those who betrayed and killed him and now call themselves the seven heroes of the land.

Full of gore, nudity and sex like any fantasy story, so if that offends you, don't read.

I still haven't made up my mind. The structure follows the classic revenge quest, complicated that the men Koinzell wants to kill are establish lords who are heroes to the kingdom. Bits of sword play mixed with magic so the combat has lots of variety. However, parts of it just haven't come to fruition and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop that would propel this story in terms of quality.

EDIT: Two other series I plan to pick back up and catch up/finish are Claymore (read one volume) and Blame! (which is a completed series that was highly recommended by one of my OH brethren... Lonely?). Both are quite interesting.
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