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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Exactly. As long as u keep to ur 'common knowledge and logic', no one can help u. All I can do for u is to pray for a change of heart to even listen and then u go make ur decision.
If you want to pray, then do so, but keep it to yourself. I for one have long since made my mind up on this issue, and there's nothing you can do to change my mind. I'm certainly not going to sit here and try to talk you out of your beliefs. You have every right to believe what you will, just as I have the right not to. Difference is, I don't have a "holier then thou" attitude, and attempt to convert people over the internet. Because I'm humble like that....just like jesus. Oh, snap.

I stopped right there. 'logical argument'? See what am talking abt. I will be wasting my time since u want it 'LOGICAL', which it isn't.

I've had this argument b4 with Mibz, Mal, ACT and Num.
What? You can't be christian and logical at the same time?

Hahaha, u make me laugh. U are not even in the faith to begin with.
That's right. I see the bible as nothing more then parables. Most of it's good stuff to live by. Does anyone really need faith to understand the meaning behind the stories. Of course not. In fact, it's because I'm not blinded by unyielding faith, that I can see the meanings much clearer then you.

Am no saint, not perfect, never said I was. Being a born-again xtian doesnt mean u are a saint. Xtians do wrong, they sin, are fallible, and that is a fact. If u are ready to criticize someone, check to see if u deserve the same critcism. That's what the message is abt.
That's exactly the point. Now apply it to yourself.

Also wtf is this Xtian shit? Aren't you proud to be a christian? If so call yourself one.

See how u are using the same bible u dont trust to try prove ur points. As for 5 more quotes, I will be waiting for them.
It's the fact I'm using your bible to disprove you that IS the point. Apparently the irony went over your head.

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