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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Don't you have any kind of disability leave? I would expect it to be illegal to fire someone because they have a legitimate medical condition which prevents them from working. I know a friend of mine milked the system for all it's worth the two or three times he had surgery for his in-grown toe nails.
Well - the owner of the restaurant I work for, does literally not give a fuck about rules. He does whatever the hell he likes, including breaking the rules, make illegal money etc. etc. He has some friends, who are part of a bikergang called "Hells Angels", so even if we report him for breaking the contract, he would just send a team of guys to beat ppl. up - so either way, he wins in some way or another. However, I have 2 weeks of vacation left, but this does probably only cover 1 foot. I have 2 feet, that need fixing and surgery
2nd. coolest thread ever.
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