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Re: Cooking Time

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
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Well - recipe for you:

250 Grams of butter
160 Grams of Dark chocolate (not over 50%, otherwise, this will be very bitter -.-)
4 eggs
225 Grams of sugar
125 Grams of flour
4 Teaspoons of cocoa-powder
½ teaspoon of cinnamon


Whisk the eggs with the sugar, till you have a fluffy mass. Pour in the cocoa powder and the cinnamon, followed by the flour, little by little, so it will divide itself evenly with the sugarmass.

While doing this, melt the butter and the chocolate in a waterbath, while stirring in the mix. When the chocolate/butter has melted, and are mixed to a chocolate sauce, whisk it slowly with the sugermass.

Put the mass in whatever you feel fit to use, and bake it in the oven on heatblow. Should be baked at 175 degrees Celcius, in the middle of the oven, for 30-35 minutes, depending on how you want them. 25 mins, make them almost liquid in the middle. If you feel like it, you can add whatever kind of topping, i.e. Chopped almonds, cashews, hazelnuts etc.etc.

Good luck
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