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Re: Naruto541 Predictions/spoilers

E: Back to your cage.
Naruto: No! I must save Sasuke!
E: He's a criminal, you can't save him!
Naruto: But I must, I ... er... respect him as an equal!
Tsunade: But he doesn't respect you, how can you be so devote? What is Sasuke to you!?
Naruto: He's my friend! (tearing up)
E: Aw, here come the water works again.
Naruto: Shut up! If you had to kill your friend, how would you feel?!
E: If he was a lying, murderous douche... I'd enjoy doing it. Bitch earned it.
Naruto: Shut up! Youd on't understand anything!?
Bee: C'mon bro, why you gotta be so hard on the boy? A child's pain is not something you should enjoy.
E: <shrugs>
Tsunade: Look, Naruto... we can't risk you falling into Madra's trap. Please return to the island. Perhaps there is something we can occupy you with. <fingers at her blouse>
Bee: Now that's an offer!
E: <shrugs>
Naruto, looks confused: What? You mean... ew. You're like 40 years older than me, granny!
Tsunade, looking cross: But I have the body of a 25 year old!
Bee: A plastic 25 year old.
E and Tsuande look a Bee.
Bee: what?
E: respect the hokage brother! And Naruto, go to your room now!
Naruto: You can't order me around! I'm old enough to make my own decisions!
Tsunade: I'm not telling you again, mister. gah, I can see why you were always pining over that tom boy Sakura... even if Sasuke is prettier, this is not what I want from you.
Naruto: Go away! YOUR NOT MY PARENTS!!
Tsunade: No, they would have stop you a long time ago.
Naruto: No they wouldn't! They told me to stop Sasuke and Madara!
E: Your dead parents told you this?
Naruo, nodded, tears fallling.
E: Shit, he's bat crazy. Get him!
Bee, slams the ground before them, creating a big dust crowd: Go little buddy! I'll hold them off.
Naruto, whipping tears: Thanks Bee man. I'll show Sasuke the depths of our bondage and make him stop. <runs off>
Bee: wut?
E: Blast this dirt. He's getting away, Tsuande - come on! <runs off>
Tsunade begins, but Bee grabs her arm: Let go!
Bee: Why? I told Naruto I'd keep you busy... I believe you were about to offer something to make us good boys who behave.
Tsunade pauses... smiles.


Next time: Chasing Trails and Tails - Kishi borrows plotlines from Naruto Hentai sites and bad after school tv specials.
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