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Re: Naruto541 Predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
Before I begin I must say that when I did this prediction I did it in 3 parts. If you guys like this I will post the other 2 parts with the conclusion but if you dont like it I will just delete them.

541: Raikage vs Naruto

Raikage is fuming while Tsunade looks at Naruto. Naruto powers down to normal mode and looks at Tsunade with a questioning glance.

Naruto: "How long were you gonna keep me in the dark?"
Tsunade: "..."
Naruto: "You and I both know that this war can not be won this way."
Raikage: "Shut up brat!"
Naruto: "No for once you shut up! Do you realize how many people are paying for both of your stupidity!"
Raikage: "If it wasn't so important that you be kept safe I would beat you down for saying that!"
Tsunade: "Cool down both of you."
Naruto: "No this has gone on long enough! Maybe its time you stopped seeing me as a child and more as a shinobi! Raikage I have an offer to make to you."
Raikage: "Im listening."
Naruto: "You versus me in a fight until the other gives up. If you win I will go back into seclusion until the end of the war."
Killer Bee: "Naruto you sure you want to do that."
Raikage: "Shut up! And if you win?"
Naruto: "Then myself and killer bee will join in on this war."
Raikage: "I accept. Maybe its time someone beat some sense into you."

Raikage steps back a distance and removes his robe while naruto stands back a distance. Naruto closes his eyes, lowers his head,and sits down on the ground. Raikage looks at Naruto with consernation but then smiles.

Raikage: "Taking a nap brat. Are you ready to give up already before this fight has even started?"

Naruto opens his eyes and looks up at Raikage with sage eyes and a malevolent look. Raikage looks surprised at the sudden change in Naruto's appearence.

Raikage thinking: "Interesting. I guess maybe this brat does have some fight in him. No matter I will take him out with one punch."

Raikage: "Ready?"

Naruto nods his head and charges to Raikage. Raikage swings his fist just as naruto is in range but naruto stops his fist with ease and slips behind raikage. Raikage turns to attack him but naruto lifts him from behind and flips him backwards sending him crashing hard into the ground. Raikage turns to look at naruto who has moved to several feet away. Killer bee cheers at naruto until Raikage gives him a dirty look which causes him to stop.

Raikage thinking: "He's stronger than I thought. My turn."

Raikage charges towards naruto but just as he is in range he find naruto has summoned several shadow clones. The clones charge at Raikage who easily seems to swat them asside like flies but two clones jump up to attack him with punches while another two attack his legs from behind. As all four shots connect Raikage is seemingly knocked off his feet while the clones hold his arms and legs. Raikage looks up to see naruto crashing towards him with a rasengan. Raikage kicks the clones holding his feet and punches one of the clones holding his arms. Raikage rolls to the side narrowly dodging a Rasengan which explodes into the ground causing a small crater. Raikage attacks the naruto holding the rasengan only to see it explode into smoke.

Naruto: "Looking for me?"

Raikage turns around in time to take a rasengan to the stomach from naruto which carries him away a short distance before dissipating as Raikage crashes against a tree. Raikage dusts himself off as he looks at Naruto with a look
of concern.

Raikage thinking: "Alright. The kid gloves are off. Its time I end this right now."

Raikage charges up is raiton armor as Naruto looks on at him.

Raikage: "Ready for round 2 brat?"
Naruto: "Bring it!"

542: The fight heats up
Cool DBZ like flava, too bad Kishi lost his mojo and is too lazy to give it this much attention. I'm making my own, been working on it for a while, I see your Naruto predicts a lot, in many places, put some of that energy on your own project. Imagination, you've got one, thats the most important trait needed in this business. I'll be looking out for you.... competition, I like it.
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