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Re: Remember remember the 25th of January

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Yeah, DN earned his reds by leading a manly revolt in Egypt because of lack of brownie recipes. We are now prepared for that... so if you don't get your act together, there will be thousands of angry Egyptians at your door chanting.

Get on it.

Also, things in Egypt have turned a bit ugly I hear (despite the news' best efforts). Anyone seen Darth around?
Anti-revolution forces are slowly killing our victory and the new government + the supreme military council are taking no serious actions to stop it(this is exactly why we can't have nice things),plus all of those dipshit police officers accused of killing the manly protesters are not facing any accusation of any kind AND STILL DOING THERE JOBS. plus Mubarak and his faggots cases are being handled with the most slowpoke chain of action in the history of mankind. plus massive faggotry fucking every way at so many levels which makes the whole thing really depressing for me to talk about it any farther.

The only good thing that happened is that we revived the revolution yesterday (friday 27th) while the Muslim brotherhood refused to join along with the other faggy islamic groups and ran an individual protests else where to object on our revolution revival "cuz it's not of teh country's best benefits", it's good because it was a neat slap on the faces of all those who was saying that those huge numbers were hugley reinforced by the brotherhood and the other islamics. This is the peoples revolution and always will be,and we will continue to triumph.

Oh and am not around much because am really addicted on you guys and right now i need no distractions because i need to focus on my upcoming near as fuck exams who i haven't prepared to for shit.
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