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Re: Damon Fowler, Highschool Graduation Prayer and the First Ammendment

Simple: If you are going to, as government body, promote the idea of freedom of religion, every organization, group or institution under you should be free of religion. Anything else, must be predetermined (such as Catholic schools) but if you are to fund them, you must be prepared to fund other religious instituteds (Muslim schools, Jewish day camps, Snake-Charmer Lamaze classes). Easier to stay out of it all together.

The problem being that the US and pretty much all of the Americas are countries founded by Christian explorers (once they did away with that whole aboriginal complication), so they are based on Christian values that run longer and deeper. The subsequent immigration and prosperity of the last 60-70 years have diversified the nations political, religious (or lack of) and social views and, while constitutions promote freedom of religion and separation of church and state, it doesn't truly exist and the majority sets the agenda.

On a more basic level, religious groups are bound to push these things as freedoms - I have the freedom to tell of the wonders of Jesus Christ - and get it approved as their right, while atheist groups, who have every right not to be subjected to it or have decisions that affect them made in religious terms, can't make the same "religious" statements freely - There is no god - because it will be deemed hateful and discriminatory against religious rights. Even though it isn't. Thus atheists are on the back foot and these sorts of fights are going to end in losses because it ends up more trouble than it is worth.

See also how the Western world deals with Islamic issues, for as militant as Christians get, they don't have the same fervor as some Muslim groups and many issues end up being ignored because they are too troublesome to fight over (I could note many examples of Sharia Law which should never be even thought of as acceptable in society of 2011). It is a very sticky situation that, honestly, requires people to fight for the freedom of rights, particularly from atheists who need it to be accepted that the lack of religious views should be protected and the idea of Church/Synagogue/Mosque and State is paramount to a free and equal society. Government must represent all and to do so they must not rule with religion but with common sense.
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