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Re: Games and all things related

I find it hard to compare them, actually.

KotOR is very BioWare, with their silly concepts of "hope" and "redemption" and "justice." Plot twist was good, made me feel like more of a badass. Music was superb. Killing Tusken Raiders was very satisfying. Also, you could find Mandalorian Neo-Crusader armor on Rakata Prime. Epic as fuck. The end battle with Malak was all kinds of kick ass, especially if you had Drain Field so you could cockblock Malak's pussy shit tactics and become a Force god. Thing is, it was way too easy going down the dark side path. I felt no remorse for starting riots, manipulating minds, or otherwise being a total prick. Only a few characters were thoroughly fleshed out, like Carth, Bastila, Jolee (bit of a stretch), and Canderous. The others were cliche Star Wars (Zaalbaar was Chewie; Mission was a Leia/Han hybrid; T3-M4 was R2-D2; HK-47, while hilarious, was a singleminded killing machine that hated organic meatbags; Juhani was a sexually repressed and angsty Jedi--like Anakin!). Still, being a dark sider was awesome in that there was no shortage of enemies who deserved to be butchered.

KotOR II, on the other hand, was very Obsidian. It was very grimdark and desolate and any flickering light of hope was snuffed out by realization that there was hardly a way to "win" in each situation. Being uber-evil was a bit painful because the decisions you had to make were sometimes subtle, and almost always they had me thinking, "I should be ashamed of myself..." as I laid siege to a conclave of poor refugees and farmers. The subplots were usually fleshed out, but again, the cut content cut many of them short, especially the romance plots. Kreia is by far my favorite Star Wars villain because she isn't entirely evil, just cynical, bitter, manipulative, and trying to serve justice to the Force. Mandalore was a real bro, and I felt obligated to hunt down the Mandalorians scattered around the galaxy to strengthen his horde. And kicking the shit out of Nihlus and Sion was oh so satisfying. But then the screaming flaws were characters like Atton, Bao-dur, and the Disciple, who had boring personalities and ticks. The whole game had an unrealized potential, and Peragus is the only reason I don't replay the game on a constant basis. Just annoying as all Hell. Even so, a much more cathartic feeling being a light sider than a dark sider, I feel.
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