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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by King Leonin View Post
then how did he know Sasuke was the one that killed his clone?

Naruto's clones are perfect for training because what they LEARN he learns.

why do you think in part one when used a lot of clones for an attack after they all got dispersed he knew how to fight his opponent?

Naruto has the potential to learn more Jutsu than Kakashi & the 3rd. It is his "sharinghan" in that way. I mean unless it is something that is impossible to learn.

I just wish he multi shadow train in a library or something read some how to be a ninja books or Art of War, yeah that one would be good!
You're on the right path, but you're not there. The clones experience transfers back to Naruto, but anything physical does not. Meaning Naruto cannot train his physical body faster or stronger with clones, only mental experiences like learning new jutsus (as shown when he was using them to learn how to use Wind chakra and make the Rasenshuriken and when he was learning to harness Sage chakra). Naruto used the clones as a means of training to increase the speed of his training, but it also causes mental exhaustion as his mind suddenly experiences months to years of training as soon as he disperses his shadow clones.
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