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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Or this.

The Reapers build themselves with the genetic materials of the races they destroy during their purging cycles. The one we saw was a baby Reaper in the form of a human from the genetic materials obtained from breaking humans down. The Collectors were discovered by EDI to be Protheans that were enslaved during the last extinction cycle and heavily genetically modified to no longer evolve and to serve the Reapers (namely Harbinger) without question. Mostly to start the Reaper reproduction method we witness with the Human-Reaper.
I caught most of that from the game, but:

Why? Why a human form for what basically is a synthetic, interstellar roaming creature? The last Reapers don't look much like Protheans, if the whole reproductive angle is true. Why only human genetics when there are multiple other species? I shudder to think it is simply the human-superior stance of sci-fi. Why were they building this beyond the Omega 4 relay when the bulk of the Reapers were slowly drifting towards the galaxy?
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