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Re: Soul Eater "War Against Evil"

I started this series then put it on hold for a bit...marathoned it in two days because there was so much talk about this.

The thing I like about Soul Eater is the fact that the battles seem to be pretty balanced. The bad guys definitely take some wins over Shibusen/Spartoi, so it really hypes up the future battles for me. The war on madness is turning out pretty well IMO. I like the way the villains are doing things, and I'm sure Medusa is still alive, she's bound to witness the ultimate creation of madness in Crona/Ragnarok.

I'm actually looking forward to Asura waking up so Shinigami can get in a re-match using Spirit..that chapter will be fucking crazy.

As for Death the Kid, I was thinking the same thing about the Lines of Sanzu. There are probably two possibilities. Either all lines connect and Shinigami dies, or, all lines connect and Shinigami will just become powerless. Either way, Kid will have to take his fathers position, and I'm so hyped for Kid being the Death God of Death City.

Not to mention, I want to see Shinigami's face. I'm sure he's just as symmetrical as Kid.

And I'm hoping Maka's mom makes an appearance soon, I see her being pretty badass.
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