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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

1. No its not. Ur implying tobi mustve implanted the RG in nagato, but then why? He wanted the eyes for himself clearly so why implant them. The same with sasuke. He manipulated itachi that manipulated sasuke into gaining the EMS now so tobi can claim he is the one who gave sasuke the EMS. See how that works.

2. And Izanagi takes care of that. I mean how does two sons perfectly get exactly half of the sages power through standard birth anyways? We know the elder got the SG power while the other only got the a powerful body. Well, who got the damn RG then because its missing!

Its simple, with the uchiha having powerful eyes, but a not so strong body and the senju having not so powerful eyes and a strong body. Meanwhile the Uzumaki get powerful eyes and body, theres something going on there. So, the only way the uchiha could be equal to the uzumaki is for the senjus powerful body to be coupled with the uchihas powerful eyes. Therefore, at first thats how the uchiha ancestor mustve been.

3. The thing is, its not hard to understand. Kishi presented the power of the RG and SG as equal opposite powers used by the sage as the juubi jink. Yet somehow the RG is far more powerful then the SG for some reason. My theory is just trying to explain why.
no, im implying that tobi is responsible for nagato obtaining RG i could care less how he did it, just that he did.

umm this is where you fuck up, uzumaki doesnt have strong body and strong eyes, tobi did whatever he did to cause the rinnegan to surface again, nobody had rinnegan for 1000s of years, too the point that it became a myth. Why do uchiha have to be equal to uzumakis, it seems your theory is based on trying to reason how the uchiha could be equal too uzumaki, heres a hint, theyre both dead as fuck. seriously this story has enough holes.

The thing is, it is. not only do you make things up, and not have all the facts, you assume shit as cannon before we as readers even know the truth, like RG being far more powerful than SG, im sorry, weve yet to see the EMS. and even if it is stronger, your trying to explain something nobody cares about, by stating stupid shit like senju used to be uchiha, when their are 1000 different ways you could have gone about it.

im done, its a stupid theory, but i expect nothing more from you, kyf.

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