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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
How would that work? The RG power is of a different nature then the SG. Also, the power of the uchiha manifest in the eyes which is why theyre eyes are taken and implanted, not theyre cells.

Whats so hard about this? The Uzumaki have powerful bodies and eyes (eyes more rare), meanwhile the uchiha only have powerful eyes, but a weaker body. However, the senju have only powerful bodies and weak eyes.

In order for RS to have truely split his power into two brothers then both should have powerful eyes and powerful bodies, but thats not the case.

With kishi presenting the RG and SG powers as equal opposite powers then the RS brothers shouldve both been equal, as well should the random decedents that are born with that power. Yet only nagato had a powerful body and eyes while the senju and uchiha only gained power in one of the two areas.
So, its theoretically plausible that the uchiha and senju were once one brother while the uzumaki was the other. However, the uchihas power of body was split from him in order to lower the power of the SG (which can explain why its so weak compared to the RG), but Izanagi wouldve had to of been used, just like with the juubi.
If a bijuu can be split and made into different pieces then so can a human which is why this theory is plausible.
I will aply something thqt stubborn_donkey said....nice story,bro
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