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Re: Naruto_545_Predictions_Thread

545: "...brings the sun"

Raikage and Tsunade are standing there we see Bee going off behind Naruto.

Raikage, "So, you were ready to fight me for Naruto?"

Tsunade, "Not just him, for all of us."


Shika, "what? He let him through? That i did NOT see coming, maybe i am getting a bit rusty?" {Shikamaru, it's almost your turn}

Slug,"yes, he let him pass after Naruto dodged him at full speed. He is on his way to the camps"

Shika, "a full speed attack? wow only The 4th could do that? We'll send someone to head them off, we need Naruto and fast!"

Kabuto is looking at his map of the battlefield, "hmmm."

He glances over to the right and sees two small rocks, "okay, you are where you need to be, but.."
He looks to the left and sees 6 rocks gathered, "you are not where i thought you would be. When he asked me to summon you I figured it would be a poetic attack on your respected villages while the rest were fighting this war."

He stands up and turns to walk he passes by Anko, still lying motionless.

Kabuto, " need a clear head."

he makes some hand signs then, "Chakra Merge Seal: lock!"

He turns around with a clear face absent of Orochimaru's influence, the snake is also gone.

Kabuto,pushing up his glasses, "hmm,, let me see. So far he is calling himself Madara, He has Sasuke whom is healing form EMS implantation. Zetsu, no worry there. Sharinghan, he has at least 3/4 of all sharinghan that resided in the leaf."

Kabuto looks at the Battle field map he has.

"what has he done so far, think Kabuto. He took the rinnengan, from Pein's corpse. But he only implanted one within himself? why? i see, the SG he has is the only one that allows him to do his eluding jutsu, thats why he used the other one for Izanagi. Wait, they felt different, there chakra wasn't the same it felt like..."

he makes hand signs again.

"Chakra Merge Seal: Open!"

HE returns to his former state.

"that's it, they felt like Pein and Itachi! Hmmm, is still a masterful scientist as he was before. Hmmm okay 'Madara' as you want to be called, you have the RG they have the RG they have SG as do you, but why? The RG is enough to take out whoever is in your way. Naruto? Is he preparing for you? No wait, they aren't connected by chakra rods. I see he is using the RG technique to give them RG But he implanted the SG. which he is gonna use to counter any Genjutsu?"

Kabuto looks at the 6 rocks and the two, "i am missing something, but what?"

Naruto and Bee are getting closer to the camps.

Naruto, "hey Bee i see some tents up ahead were almost there!"

Bee, "I am Killer Bee I'm super cool, but i don't see shit you fool!"

Naruto, {wow is my eye sight increased too?} "it's just up ahead, uh oh"

Bee, "what now yo, why you say uh..Oh!"

He sees a team of ninja in front of them.

Naruto and Bee stop and wait.

Naruto {they wouldn't believe me if i said Grandpa Raikage let us through, I hope this doesn't get physical}

It is 6 ANBU, 4 Akamichi clansmen, 3 Hyuuga, two from Kurenei's clan, two form Kiba's, two from bug boy's clan.

Standing in the center front of all of them is...

Naruto, {Konohamaru?! No wait this guy is older, much older.}

"I am Yokohamaru, you know my son, i believe you are both his sensei and rival?"

Naruto, "Father? Wait a minute how come i never met you before?! Did you abandon him and left your dad to raise him?! You are terrible!"

Yoko,"Wait wait, your jumping to conclusions, my son said you were the number one knuckle head of the Leaf. No i did not abandon him, I was chosen by my Father, the 3rd Hokage to travel and become a ghost of every village, learning and studying different techniques. I have traveled all over the different lands learning many jutsu to become stronger than my Father."

Bee, "thats all good but move to the side if you could. We got thing to do, wasting time talking to you"

Yoko, "Calm down 8 tails, anyway.I found out my Father really wanted me to be greater than him so I could take over as Hokage. Since his students were not present and Orochimaru became insane. But i stayed away too long, and he chose Minato Namekaze. When I heard he died it was long after, I had no connection with my child since i was already gone when he was born,so i stayed away. I regret not being their to help Father with Orochimaru, I do. Recently I get a message to come back from the current Hokage cause of this war. When I arrive I get wind of this great Naruto Uzumaki, that the entire village thinks is gonna be Hokage after Lady Tsunade or maybe Kakashi Hatake."

Naruto, {where is he going with this?}

Yoko, "sorry kid but after the war, If Lady Tsunade dies, I am gonna be Hokage i have no problem letting you be Hokage when i die or retire. But your gonna have to wait your turn!"

One of the ninja, "Yokohomaru-sama.."

Yoko, "yes,yes the mission, Naruto...we are here to escort you to the Camps. There are pale creatures taking copying our alliance ninja down to the chakra, we can't tell them from the ours. They are killing us slowly but surely taking down our ranks and causing suspicion in the ranks."

Naruto is quiet for a second, "Okay, If you do become Kage then as long as your half of what the old man was then fine, but i will be Hokage, No matter what! Let's Go!"

He darts off with Bee and the escort team in tow.

"That's it!"

Kabuto is looking down at the map smiling

"you can only go where there is a sharingan present or you have been there before. you plan on letting your new Paths lose at different points of the field. That way If one spots Naruto or The 8 Tails while they are fighting the alliance, you can be there instantly. I am interested in seeing how this unfolds. I will not intefere,either way but.."

We see Nagato walking among dead Alliance ninja.

"...I have my own plans"

Next: "Return of the Child of Prophecy"
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