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Re: Forum Manga Expansion

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Just started reading something called Ga-Rei after watching some anime called Ga-Rei Zero on netflix. Apparently the anime is a prequel leading up to the start of the manga. Anime was cool no opinion on the manga yet. If you watch the anime first without knowing anything about the series you'll have a WTF just happened moment after watching the first episode. Actually glad I started with the anime first.
Ga-Rei is an awesome manga. Short and sweet, cool story.

I have a couple of good mangas I think people would enjoy.

Cage of Eden (or Eden no Ori):
Akira and his classmates are travelling on a plane when it crashes onto an island inhabited by species thought to have been extinct. The situation becomes increasingly desperate as some of Akira's classmates are eaten alive, while some kill others in desperation. Now Akira and a few other survivors are trying to survive what seems to be a horrible nightmare.

Deadman Wonderland:
The Great Tokyo Earthquake. Ten years ago, it destroyed lives as it tore buildings asunder. Among those who lived through the disaster was Ganta Igarashi, now a middle school student finally getting a footing in his own life... that is, until the day the 'Red Man' appears at his school and turns his world upside down again. Ganta's entire class is brutally murdered, and although innocent of the crime, Ganta is sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre prison known as 'Deadman Wonderland.' There, a brutal game of survival begins, where Ganta must discover the truth behind his classmates' murder. Can Ganta break out of Deadman Wonderland... or will it break him first?

Bloody Monday:
A virus deal clinched in Russia on the Christmas eve. Purpose: unknown. Two clues: a mysterious lady Maya, one of the gangsters, and Bloody Monday, the keyword for the project. Then an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo. Fujimaru Takagi, a second grade student at Mishiro Gakuin high school, is commissioned to find out the truth by Public Security Investigation Bureau for his great ability as a super hacker. Now, Maya, approaches Fujimaru, as his high school teacher... ^This is a pretty fast paced series and the hacking aspect of it is done pretty well. If anyone finishes it and likes it, there's a season two available as well.

Medaka Box:
Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands. So, she asks her childhood friend Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help. <--This is the actual description for this, but it eventually changes pace and introduces a bunch of climatic battles and what not. The fights become the center point of the manga, but they circle around the whole student council aspect so it stays true to the plot.

Hunter x Hunter:
Hunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts, and even other men. But such pursuits require a license, and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification exam. Those who do pass gain access to restricted areas, amazing stores of information, and the right to call themselves Hunters.<--Fucking awesome series. Great fights, excellent character development, people dying, great story, no rainbows. IMO its everything Naruto and Bleach wish they could be. I'd recommend this to anyone. It's on hiatus too so you have time to catch up.

Thanks for the thread ACt.

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