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Re: What book are you currently reading?

A song of fire and ice collection is on its way! Looking forward into digging into a little something meatier then my more recent reading material. Mainly been into comics and stuff as of late. Been plowing my way through Jeff Smiths series Bone, which I have found to be surprising pleasant, simple and fun.

I tried reading some newer stuff too, marvels annihilators.... Which I wanted to enjoy, because it has a couple cool characters I like in it, and I think I could have, if it was not for quasar's self esteem issues and incessant inner monologues of self doubt. Just for it to end the way it did... was a tad to obvious.

Im kind of in a book shopping mode. After I make my way through aSoIaF, I'll be looking to get into a decent space opera. Any suggestions would be awesome.

EDIT: well not any

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