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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Axiom View Post
Got booted out of bestbuy this afternoon. Was in the front of the line waiting to be called to the register to make my purchase. I didnt have my wallet with me, just a wad of cash that was laying lose on the dresser, and as I do sometimes, just stuffed it in my front pocket(which I have been chastised multiple times for because of shit like this.) I reached in my pocket to pull forth the money in preparation to make payment, then walked up to he counter when waved over. Noticing that there was a 50 dollar bill missing, and knowing I had it upon entering the store, and not having put my hand in my pockets until that point. I quickly figured when and where I dropped it. Went back to that spot, and asked if anyone saw my bill. Everyone in line was looking around avoiding eye contact, as if they knew exactly who grabbed it..... and got nothing.

I kind of snapped, I called over to the guy in the little security both by the entrance and demanded he pull up the footage of that location so I can see who scooped my money. Was immediately denied, and anger started to well up in me, I was almost radiating heat from my person I was so pissed. Making my way to back to the line, and stopping anyone from proceeding to checkout, I was almost yelling at the other patrons to fess up on who did it. No one spoke up. Since none of these dishonorable cunts had the moral fiber to do the right thing, I then began to run the pockets of people that was behind me in line. It was quite a scene, Im a big dude 6'1 250 lbs, and with obvious fury in my eyes, start patting down perfect strangers.

Anyway yeah, was not long before the police showed up and escorted me out of the building. I know its a lot of hoopla over 50 bucks, but I was more upset that someone would grab and pocket it, more then I was that I actually lost it. This nonsense ontop of a stressful workday.... I just kind of let lose. Got an earful when I got home though, because this is not the first time I had dropped money out of my pocket like this. God I love credit cards.
This is manly. You're a cool dude, Axiom. Fuck yeah.

Agree that most people probably just see cameras and go "ah fuck that, don't want to risk getting caught." Because if you think stealing is bad then you're probably not going to go "Oh hey, I'm taking this. Oh wait, almost forgot I'm a paragon of honor. Fuck that." At least not because they see a camera. They'd likely come to that conclusion once they think about stealing shit, camera or no camera. Like...if a goddamn monster just busted out of the ground and started attacking a schoolbus full of adorable little loli I'd think about getting the fuck outta there, because holy shit a fucking monster, but then I'd realize how goddamn unmanly that would be and heroically battle the beast with my fists to buy time for the adorable loli to escape. I would do that without any need to suspect I'm possibly being watched or whatever.

At work so googling shit would be a pain. I would assume most people in whatever studies support that theory are just saving face by saying they'd do the honorable thing because they are honorable. In reality they're probably just pussies who don't want to risk being seen as someone who is dishonorable. Their honor is likely just for show, they care about being seen as honorable in the eyes of others. Not simply for the sake of being honorable. So technically, they'd be evaluating themselves objectively and whatnot. But they're still unmanly. Either way cameras act as deterrent because most people don't want to be seen as thieves, and no one wants to get caught. I guess that is what the discussion was about. Don't really even remember because some stupid bitch came in and asked me if some collar would fit her cockapoodle, and got all bitchy when I said I dunno. How the fuck would I know? I'm not a fucking dog tailor, lady. I don't have the approximate neck sizes for every goddamn dog breed committed to memory, for fuck's sake. It's your dog, you should know this shit. Fucking retards.
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