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Re: CM PUNK!!!!

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Actually, they are scripted. Every promo shot, every instance of "talking smack", every interview, it's all scripted. The Rock and John Cena have both come out and said that when they make fun of someone, they are given a script but ignore it. During DX's more recent gathering, Triple H even brought out the night's script at the beginning of one Raw. Their popularity allows them to do what they want to do to draw more crowds and make more money for the company.

And if last night wasn't scripted, they would've cut the mic the second Punk mentioned Japan's wrestling circuit or his time at Ring of Honor. Hell, the second he started talking about Heyman and Lesnar they would've cut the mic and the live feed. This "stunt" is just to hype up Money in the Bank, that's all.

Edit: Btw Austin, who is best friends with Vince outside of the WWE storylines, mentioned on twitter that this was all a promo stunt.
I disagree.. They cut his mike, the thing is they werent sure where he was going, if he was going to far, CM Punk is unpredictable. They cut his Mike, right before Bully Camp.. It was definately real, it told the truth. The idea that Cena is the best... Paul heyman... Vince;s Brass rings... he even talks about Vince's death, which superstars, or people are afraid to tlak about... that was real.. That is entirely too much hype for just a money in the bank ppv.. A lot of wrestling is scripted, but not all of it...
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