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Re: An open letter to the Democrats and the Republicans

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Problem: This issue doesn't just effect you! We are all being held hostage by your politicking, uncertain if we can move forward. We didn't vote for you, but heed us as good neighbours. Piss off and fix this, now.
As an average, everyday American I do actually forget about this. Now I have to feel even worse about my country's shit political system.

Republicans - I understand your utter fear of the word "tax", but when you are spending money, you need to bring money in. Preferable more money than you spend. Cuts won't suffice in this case, particularly because I don't think you're ready to cut the biggest spender in your budget, the US Military. By holding this stance, you put a gun to the head of every middle class American, the very people you supposedly champion, threatening to remove any social assistance in exchange to protect those who benefit most from tax shelters: the rich. Somehow you have gotten enough people to swallow that you care, and good for you, but can you so blatantly be cold and uncaring? Furthermore, can you even say the word negotiation when your very stance is "our way or the highway"? I assure you, you will not like that highway.
This whole thing, holy shit, right on the money. "We need more money, but don't tax me bro!" That's just fucking stupid. "Don't tax the rich because then they won't hire any more people!" News flash: they aren't hiring people anyways. What kills me is the group of billionaires who are petitioning the government to tax them more. For fuck's sake, they're asking the government to take their money! "But nooo, fuck the middle class," the politicians say, "and give ourselves bonuses!" Asinine.

Democrats -
Are pussies. They need to man the fuck up.

Would you mind if I e-mailed this to my Congressman? I'd give you props and all that, of course. I just want something to be done.
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